Student Life Center (SLC)

Campus Recreation's Rules and Policies

General Facility Procedures

Entry/Exiting Procedures
All members and visitors of the Campus Recreation Department must enter through the front door and must produce their Student Identification Card or valid membership I.D. for approval by the Front Desk Monitor. All members must exit through the lobby exit doors. Unauthorized entry, side gates and fenced gates may constitute using the emergency exit doors will result in alarms sounding. Unnecessary use of emergency exit doors will result in suspension from the facility.
Bulletin Boards
Posting on bulletin boards or other areas in or outside of the Student Life Center building requires approval prior to posting. Contact the Member Services Desk in the Recreation Office for approval.
Lobby/Juice Bar
The lobby and café area are provided for the enjoyment of both the university community and the general public. This area is also the starting point for tours guided by the Office of Admissions.
It is important that the Campus Recreation Department staff and the policies they uphold be respected at all times. Complaints may be handled properly by contacting a Student Life Center Building Coordinator by phone, email, or appointment, or by filling out a comment card available at the Front Desk.
Facility Rental/Reservation
Groups may reserve/rent areas of the facility by pre- arrangement through the Campus Recreation Office.
All users of the CRD must leave at closing. Those who do not leave will be in violation of trespassing. Showers may not be taken within 15 minutes of closing. Equipment that has been checked out must be returned to the Front Desk 10 minutes prior to closing.
Salto Lock System
The doors to the facility are integrated with a Salto computer system. Many doors open and lock at the designated opening/closing times.

General Policies

Abusive Behavior
Abusive behavior, verbal or physical, toward another patron or a Student Life Center employee will not be tolerated. Campus Recreation Department staff has the authority to demand unruly members and/or guests leave the facility if their behavior necessitates such action. Examples include, but are not limited to: spitting on floors, vandalism, yelling, fighting, dropping weights, threatening or intimidating employees or members, and damaging the equipment or facility.
Appropriate Attire:
A shirt and shorts or a wrap must be worn to enter the facility. Swim suits are not acceptable, except in the pool area.
Athletic Footwear
Appropriate shoes must be worn in the fitness area (sneakers). Slippers or sandals are never allowed. Shoes must have a closed toe and proper traction. Cell Phones: Cell phone usage is prohibited in all locker rooms, public restrooms, and assisted changing areas.
Children/adolescence (under the age of 17) are only allowed in the facility during Ohana hours. Children/adolescence may NEVER enter the weight room area (under age 17). Children over the age of 6 may not enter an opposite sex bathroom. A family locker room is located off of the pool deck.
Confiscated I.D.
An I.D. used by an individual other than the owner will be confiscated and may result in immediate termination of Recreation Center privileges of all parties involved. Water Fountains: No spitting allowed in water fountains.
Everyone that enters the building must have a valid I.D. Participants forgetting their I.D. can enter only if they can prove identity. This courtesy will be offered three times. There are no exceptions.
Entry Violation:
Unauthorized entry by use of the side gates and fenced gated areas, illegal use of someone else’s ID card is cause for immediate termination of Recreation Center privileges of all parties involved.
Food, Beverages and Gum
Patrons may purchase food and beverages from the snack bar. Food, beverages, and gum are allowed in the Snack bar/lounge and pool deck only. No glass containers are allowed in any area of the facility. Only water in a closed container is allowed in the fitness area.
Gym/Book Bags
Personal items must be stowed in a locker or storage cubbies. No personal items may be placed on the floor, furniture or equipment anywhere in the building. Personal items such as laptops, i-pods, books are the responsibility of the participant. Student Life Center staff is not allowed to hold belongings for members while they are in the building. Lost and Found: Inquires regarding lost and found items should be made at front desk. Items will be held for 14 days and then will be disposed.
Pets are not allowed in the Recreation/Fitness/Aquatic Center except service dogs. Programs: Open recreation for students and student centered programming will have precedence over any non-student focused program in the Campus Recreation Department. Scheduled student programs and Intramural Sports activities will have priority over open recreation. When possible, Campus Recreation Department facilities will remain available for open recreation during scheduled programs.
Rollerblades, Skateboards and Bicycles
Rollerblades and skateboards are not allowed for usage in the Recreation Center or on the deck around the pool. Bicycles may not be brought inside the facility. They MUST be locked up in the designated areas located OUTSIDE the facility.
All signs and flyers must be approved by Campus Recreation Department staff and will be posted by Campus Recreation Department staff only. Unauthorized flyers will be removed.
Campus Recreation Department is not responsible for misplaced, damaged, or stolen items. Secure all valuables by locking them in a locker.
Tobacco Products, Alcohol and Illegal Substances
Tobacco, alcohol, and all illegal substances are not allowed in the Student Life Center. Suspect patrons will be asked to leave the facility immediately. Memberships may be revoked.
Any patron vandalizing or damaging the Recreation Center in any manner (kicking, hitting, writing, etc.) will be requested to leave immediately. Witnessed patrons will be held financially responsible for any damage.
Weapons and Firearms
No weapons or firearms of any kind are allowed in the facility. Patrons possessing any weapons will be denied access and Hawaii Police will be contacted immediately. Weapons are NOT allowed on any state premises.

Lockers - Locker Rentals are unavailable at this time due to COVID-19 Restrictions

Day Use Lockers
Daily Locker Usage Day lockers are available at no charge. Day Lockers are taken on a first- come, first-serve basis. Locks are not provided. Members must remove belongings from day lockers and their lock prior to leaving the building. Belongings left in locker will be removed and their lock will be cut-off after closing. Unclaimed belongings will be disposed of after 14 days. Items that are removed that may cause leakage, such as soaps, deodorants, shampoos etc., will be disposed of immediately or at the discretion of the CRD staff.
Reserved Lockers
Reserved lockers are available for a fee (only one person per reserved locker). Members who rent a reserved locker must bring their own lock. Renewal of reserved lockers must be paid in full before the expiration date; belongings will be removed the following day and the locker will be reassigned. Unclaimed belongings will be disposed after 14 days. Items that are removed because of leakage, such as soaps, deodorants, shampoos etc., will be disposed of immediately or at the discretion of the CRD staff.

Cubbies - Cubbies are also unavailable due to COVID-19. You must keep your gear/belongings with you at all times

Cubbies are located in the weight room and aerobic studios. Items left in the cubbies is done so AT YOUR OWN RISK. Campus recreation is not responsible for the items left in/around or on the cubbies.

Weight Room and Fitness Equipment Policies

All general facility policies apply to the weight room as well as those listed below.

You must be 17 years of age or older to work out in the weight room or use cardiovascular equipment.
Appropriate Attire
Athletic apparel including T-shirt or sports top, shorts or pants, undergarment and closed toe (tennis shoes) must be worn while working out in the weight room and multipurpose rooms. Dresses and skirts may NOT be worn while working out. Bikini tops or sports bras, jeans/jean shorts or cut off with metal clasps and belts are not allowed. Athletic Footwear: Appropriate shoes must be worn in the weight room area (sneakers). No boots, aqua shoes, crock-type shoes, socks, sandals, slippers, open toed shoes or bare feet are allowed for any reason. Shoes must have a closed toe and proper traction.
Audio/Visual Equipment
Only Campus Recreation Department employees may operate audio/visual equipment for pre-set channels. Personal headsets with personal stereos are allowed.
Bottled water in a sealed container is the only beverage allowed in the weight room. Energy drinks, sports drinks and soda are not permitted.
Food, Beverages, and Gum
Food and gum are not allowed in weight room. No glass containers are allowed in any area of the facility. Only water in a closed container is allowed in the weight room. Energy drinks, sports drinks, and soda are not permitted.
Cardiovascular Equipment
A thirty five (35) minute time limit (including five-minute warm-up/cool down) applies to all cardiovascular equipment while others are waiting. Participants must sign-up at the weight room desk for cardio equipment during peak hours. Cell Phones: Cell phone usage is prohibited in all locker rooms, public restrooms, and assisted changing areas.
Power lifting chalk is not allowed in any area of the weight room.
Equipment Etiquette
Please allow others to “work in” a set if you are performing more than one set on an exercise machine. Vacate machines between sets and wipe down exercise equipment after each use. Return free weight bars, plates, free weights, and all other equipment to proper locations after use. Gym wipes are provided for cleaning off machines. A workout towel can be checked out at the front desk. Free Weights and Dumbbells: Weights and dumbbells are not to be removed from their designated areas. Please help to prolong the life of our equipment by not dropping weights and dumbbells.
Mirrors and Glass Windows
Please do not touch the mirrors or glass windows. Leaning on mirrors and any glass to stretch is strictly prohibited.
Personal Items
Personal items including backpacks, purses, and sports equipment are not allowed in the weight room or cardiovascular area. Storage cubbies and lockers should be utilized. The Student Life Center is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
Personal Trainers
Personal trainers are not permitted in the facility. Campus Recreation Department weight room staff is not permitted to give personal training assistance or advice.
All free-weight users are encouraged to use spotter and offer spotting assistance in-kind. Campus Recreation Department Staff members are not required to spot. Squats done outside the rack require two spotters.
Weight Accessories
Bars, handles, and other accessories are to be used only for intended purpose. Please do not overload any bar with weights. (Bar capacity: 7ft/1500lb; 6ft/500lb; 5ft/500lb)
Weight Belts
Weight belts are permitted, but due to the potential of tearing and scratching equipment, belts may not be worn while lying on the stomach on exercise machines or benches.
Weight Handling
Please maintain control of weights at all times; they may not be dropped or thrown. Please return weights to the appropriate storage racks after each use. Do not lean weights against the walls or mirrors. Weights may not be left on the floor or stacked against the walls or the equipment after use. Keep hands and feet clear of moving parts while machine is in use.

Aquatics and Pool Usage Policies

Individuals, groups and organizations that enter the CRD pool are responsible for the following: damages to property, rule violations, trash, and any other items brought with them into the facility.

Health - All CRD patrons must shower before entering pool - Any person with a skin disease, sore or inflamed eyes, communicable disease, or who has a bandage on will not be permitted in the pool. - CRD patrons with deep wounds that expose sub tissue will be warned that entering the pool could cause infection. - Spitting, blowing nose, urinating, defecating and depositing other materials in the pool is strictly prohibited. - Anyone with long hair is advised to wear a cap or have it pulled back while in the water.

Safety - Food and drinks are only allowed in the designated areas on the pool deck. Not in the pool. - CRD patrons may not enter the pool deck unless lifeguards are present. - Chewing gum is not allowed. - Glass containers are not allowed on the pool deck. - Running is prohibited. - Rough play such as pushing, dunking, and yelling around and in the pool is prohibited. - Diving is Not allowed. - Children who cannot swim must be an arm’s length away from an adult (18 or older) at all times. - Only U.S. Coast Guard Certified Life Saving Devices may be used in the pool as a flotation device for a child that cannot swim. If they have a non Coast Guard approved flotation device an adult must be arms length away. - Non-swimmers or weak swimmers must stay in the shallow end unless they are accompanied by an adult. - Eye glasses must be secured. - Children under the age of 12 are not admitted into the pool without an adult who is fully dressed in swim attire and swimming with them. - Patrons must be wearing a bathing suit. Cut-offs, jeans, underwear and makeshift suits are prohibited. - No pets allowed in the facility.