Student Life Center (SLC)

Facility Reservations


There are three facility areas available for reservation/rental:

  • Aerobics/Multipurpose room 1 & 2 (must be reserved at three hours max time limit)

(These areas can be reserved as individual rooms or as one large room).

  • Pool
  • Pool Deck (must be reserved at four hours max time limit)

Only the Aerobics/Multipurpose Room(s) can be reserved for private usage. The pool and pool deck may be reserved, but the reservation is not exclusive. During regular operational hours, a portion of the pool and pool deck spaces must remain open for open recreational use by students (to be determined by Campus Recreation and Wellness ).


Two categories:

Re-Occurring Reservations

  • Typically, re-occurring reservations are student based group activities that meet on a regular basis.

Special Event Reservations

  • Typically, a Special event reservation is a one time, one day event. However, a special event reservation may span several days and may re-occur every year.

The Campus Recreation and Wellness ’s reservation goal is to maximize facility utilization with an emphasis on student focused recreational activities. Campus Recreation and Wellness reserves the right to cancel or decline reservations, at their discretion, to act in the best interest of the student body and University.

In allocating facilities, many factors are considered. These factors include, but are not limited to: the size of the group, duration and frequency of usage, purpose of the activity, scheduling conflicts and priority standards. Groups designated as “Primary Users” will have priority status in reserving facilities.

Primary Users (in priority order)

  1. Programs administered by the Recreation Department_:_ any duly authorized programs such as intramural sports, fitness classes, aquatics programs, and special events etc. This includes programs administered by the department in conjunction with other campus units.
  2. Open recreation for individuals and groups in non-structured activities. Note: Individuals or informal groups may not reserve facilities for open recreation. It is the Campus Recreation and Wellness Department’s obligation to ensure that space is made available, whenever possible, for open recreation.
  3. Registered Independent Student Organizations that are sport based or based on physical activity.
  4. Other approved activities including Outdoor Recreational Programs, events, summer camps, swim meets, and other events approved by the Recreation Department
  5. Physical education classes.

Reservations request for re-occurring usage of Student Life Center facilities will be taken at the start of each semester via the on-line reservation system. Each semester will have a posted deadline for all requests. Reservation request made after the deadline will be considered only if space is still available and on a first come, first serve basis. All groups must re-apply every semester.

There is no facility rental fee for groups categorized as Primary Users. However, fees may be assessed to recoup indirect costs and direct expenses associated with a particular event. These include, but are not limited to, wages for facility set-up and clean-up, supervision, equipment usage, damages and custodial and maintenance services. Users will be required to pay a fee when the use of the facility is for the purpose of producing revenue.

Additional Groups

Recreational facilities may be made available, for a fee, to university and non-university groups for extracurricular purposes when the use is in the best interests of the University and is justified by the unique design, function, and availability of the facility. These groups include, but are not limited to:

  • Academic: directly relating to UH Hilo academic coursework
  • Campus Community: university entities such as university departments, Athletics and campus wide events
  • Off-campus educational: local schools
  • Non-profit participatory recreation: YMCA, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, summer camps and conferences, etc.
  • Government: Parks and Recreation, Fire Department, Military
  • For-profit educational: training, continuing education, etc. for a for-profit company
  • Non-profit spectator: tournaments, meets, etc.

Each facility area will have its own rate schedule as established by the Campus Recreation and Wellness . These fees will be based on the scheduled number of hours the facility will be used from initial set-up through clean-up.

Usage by any group must not interfere with any regularly scheduled function of the facility and must not interfere with student usage. The use of facilities for extracurricular functions is subject to compliance with facility requirements and university rules, regulations, and policies. Use of facilities by registered and university-related organizations must be in compliance with UH Hilo Facilities Use Policy and Procedures

When to reserve

Reservations for extracurricular activities should be made as far in advance as possible, and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Unless otherwise arranged, payment of the user fee is expected in advance. Groups not affiliated with the university must provide proof of liability and damage insurance.