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This is a calendar of all of the events for Campus Recreation.

In response to the current situation with Coronavirus, Campus Recreation is postponing all Outdoor event programming, Fitness Classes, and Intramural activities for the time being. We will update the website and calendar when services and programing return.

To sign-up for events, please go to our sign-up page

Notes - All Activities-

You must bring your validated student ID or Campus Rec ID.

IMUA fitness classes are ongoing during the semester and you only need to sign-up for these once.

Intramural sports- Please have your validated Student ID ready. You only need to sign-up once a semester. All tournaments you will need to sign-up for separately.

Outdoor Adventure trips- Most activities open for sign-ups only the week of the event. Please keep in mind that some of these events are very vigorous. Some of our events are on boats/kayaks/paddle boards, elevation, various ocean conditions and hiking over uneven hot lava rock for miles at a time. Please look into the destination and make your own decision on if this event is for you.

SCUBA – Discover SCUBA and pool events are the only SCUBA actives you can sign-up for online, the rest will have to be in person.

If you need accommodations, you must request this more than 10 business days in advance.