Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Procedures for Appointing Tenure and Promotion Review Committees (TPRCs)

Academic Policy 3-2005
Effective: September 26, 2005
Supercedes: N/A

Eligibility for TPRCs

The appointment of TPRCs is covered in the University-UHPA contract Chapters XII section F.2 and XV section C. TPRC members are selected from the Faculty Personnel Panel defined in XV.B of the contract. Tenured I and R faculty at ranks 4 and 5 and tenured S, B, and A faculty at ranks 3, 4, 5 at UH-Hilo are included on the panel. The Chancellor has appointing authority and may delegate that authority to the vice-Chancellor. The number of TPRCs, the number of members on a TPRC, their affiliations, and the specific choice of TPRC appointees are the prerogative of the Chancellor.

Appointing Process

This policy is created to provide a standard process for creating the TPRCs. The life of the TPRCs shall be one year and will end when the Chancellor has finalized all personnel actions for the given year. The Chancellor or vice-Chancellor will appoint two TPRCs and will make substitutions to these TPRCs in the event of exclusions.

One member of each TPRC will be designated as the convenor. During the first meeting of the committee a chair will be selected.

The TPRC for Instructional Faculty

The TPRC for instructional faculty will consist of members from each of the Colleges. The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), because of its size, will have three representatives, one from each division. Nominations are the prerogative of the Dean but it is suggested that the College/Division DPC be consulted in the nomination process. In addition to the nominations, each Dean will provide the name of one alternate to be used in case of an exclusion. The Dean of CAS will provide three alternates, one for each division. The Chancellor reserves the right to reject any nominations or alternates.

The TPRC for Library and Student Services Faculties

The TPRC that deals with promotion and tenure cases for Library and Student Services Faculty will consist of five members, two from the Faculty of the Library, two from Student Services, and one appointee selected at large from the Faculty Personnel Panel. The Director of Library Services and the vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs will each provide the names of two nominees and one alternate.