UH Hilo Academic Policies | Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Responsible Conduct of Research

Established: February 14, 2011

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) require1 universities applying for funding to institute a plan to provide appropriate training and oversight in the responsible conduct of research (RCR) to undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral researchers who receive their support to conduct research. Additionally, NIH requires that all trainees, fellows, participants, and scholars receiving new or renewal support must receive instruction in RCR. The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo has adopted the following RCR certification plan:

  1. Any Principal Investigator (PI) overseeing an NSF or NIH award will be responsible to assure that each undergraduate student, graduate student, postdoctoral researcher, or, for NIH grants, participant supported under that award who may conduct research access the CITI Course in the Responsible Conduct of Research and satisfactorily complete each required module of the course within thirty days of employment on a project funded by NSF or NIH. Satisfactory completion means a score of 80% or higher on each of the module quizzes.
  2. In addition, each of the students, post-doctoral researchers or other research personnel will take a half day interactive workshop presented by the Office of the Interim Vice Chancellor for Research (Research Office) at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo within one year of employment. Those satisfactorily completing the CITI Course and interactive workshop will be certified in the Responsible Conduct of Research.
  3. PIs and other research mentors will also be strongly encouraged to become certified in the Responsible Conduct of Research. The Research Office will have responsibility for informing all PIs of this policy.
  4. Failure to complete the training requirements in a timely manner by the research personnel designated in this policy may be grounds for termination of employment.
  5. The PI will be responsible for informing the Research Office of the status of these researchers or researchers in training for the Responsible Conduct of Research. The Research Office will notify the appropriate Fiscal Officer whether an undergraduate student, a graduate student, or a postdoctoral researcher funded by NSF to conduct research - or additionally for NIH grants, other research participants - has met these requirements and may receive a paycheck from an NSF or NIH award more than thirty days after their date of hire.

  1. This requirement was mandated by the America COMPETES Act [America Creating Opportunities to Meaningfully Promote Excellence in Technology, Education, and Science Act, United States Public Law 110-69] which took effect on August 9, 2007