Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Incomplete Grades

Academic Policy 7-2009
Effective: August 1, 2009

Incomplete grades may be given to students who have failed to complete a small but important part of the semester’s work, if the instructor believes the failure was caused by conditions beyond the student’s control and not by carelessness or procrastination. Incomplete grades should not be given to allow students to do extra credit work to raise their grades unless this option is offered to all of the students in the class. If the Incomplete is not replaced with a grade by the deadline specified in the academic calendar, the grade will become an F or NC(no credit) or NP (not passing), depending on the grading practice in the course. When an incomplete grade will be given, the student and the instructor will meet before the end of the semester and complete the “report of Incomplete Work,” available from division or college offices. Each will retain a copy of this agreement, which will be the basis for a change of grade.