Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Grading and Grade Changes

Academic Policy June 2009
Effective: August 1, 2009

Each faculty member is responsible for determining the means employed to evaluate students’ work and the level of performance associated with any particular grade. It is the faculty member’s responsibility to make her/his grading criteria and policies clear to students in the course syllabus and to apply those criteria equitably to all students.

Instructors are to include a significant graded assignment and to grade and return it to students before the deadline to withdraw from courses in order that students can make an informed decision about whether or not to remain in the course.

Faculty members are required to submit grades online through MyUH Services by the deadline stated in the academic calendar.

Change of Grade forms are used to correct grading errors. The original syllabus should determine the work upon which students' grades are based. Allowing a student to do additional work after a final grade has been submitted in order to raise a grade is inequitable to the other students in the course. Change of Grade forms must be submitted by the faculty member to the Office of the Registrar . Students may not submit Change of Grade forms.

Change of Grade After Graduation

Approved December 2009
Effective: August 1, 2010

Once a student has graduated, grade changes may not be made in the student’s record except in cases of documented instructor error. Requests for changes resulting from documented instructor error must be made through the College Dean within the following regular (fall or spring) semester. The Dean will communicate the change of grade to the Registrar’s office, which will implement the change.