Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Enrollment Caps / Course Management

Academic Policy 5-2009
Effective: August 1, 2009

The size of classes is determined by a combination of student demand, course content, UH system regulation, and room size.

Following UH System policy, each class offered through UH Hilo must enroll at least 10 students each semester except in special cases such as internships and directed reading. In most cases, classes that fail to enroll at least 10 students will be cancelled, with the instructor reassigned to a course with higher demand. Exceptions can be recommended by the Dean for special circumstances. When a full-time faculty member’s class is cancelled and a lecturer is employed in the department, the lecturer is generally relieved of responsibility and the faculty member reassigned to that course.

When student demand exceeds the capacity of scheduled classes to meet the demand, and when resources are available, Deans may ask departments to add additional sections to be taught by lecturers. When resources are not available and demand is extraordinary, the Dean will consult with departments to raise course caps. After consultation with department chairs (and division chairs in units that have division chairs) in an effort to reach consensus, the final decision as to course caps rests with the Dean.