UH Hilo Academic Policies | Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Distance Learning Program Designation

A UH Hilo distance learning program is a degree, certificate, or licensure program that:

  • is offered entirely through distance learning modalities by a UH Hilo Department, except that orientation and/or strictly limited seminars or workshops may be offered in residence at UH Hilo as part of a distance learning program
  • has an established process for admitting students to the program; while seats may be offered to students not admitted to the program on a space available basis, these additional students are not considered to be part of tne distance learning program
  • has received WASC certification as a DL program

Students in these programs will have their activities fees waived; when a DL fee is approved for UH Hilo, these fees may be redirected to a distance learning revolving account which will be used to support the special needs of DL programs.


Programs considering offering a distance learning program are urged to consult with the Distance Learning Coordinator. Assistance in developing the program using best practices and the most effective DL technology will be provided by the DL Coordinator, DL support staff, the office of Academic Computing and/or members of the Distance Learning Advisory Committee.

Assistance in obtaining WASC certification will be provided by the Accreditation Liaison Office.

Once the program is ready to seek UH Hilo DL designation, the Chair should write to the Dean explaining how the program has met all of the bulleted criteria above; the Dean's recommendation should be sent to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs for review.

The VCAA can approve the designation, deny the designation, or refer the request to the Distance Learning Advisory Committee for additional review.

The VCAA will notify the program, Student Affairs, and the Business Office when a program has been designated DL.