Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs

Administrative Disenrollment for Failed Prerequisites

Policy Objectives:

the purpose of this policy is to ensure that Leeward CC students are adequately prepared to succeed by having completed all appropriate_·prerequisites to a satisfactory level.


The Registrar’s Office will perform an administrative disenrollment of any student who has failed a prerequisite for a course for which the student is preregistered in a subsequent semester.

This should be performed for any student whose home campus is the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo.

The administrative disenrollment will be performed as soon as practicable after grades are rolled in any given term, once a report of failed prerequisites is available.

Students will be notified of their disenrollment via UH e-mail accounts and advised to see their advisors for options to reschedule courses impacted by the disenrollment.

Advisors will be provided with a list of students who have failed such prerequisite courses, and a copy of the list pertinent to each Instructional Division will be shared with the respective Division Chair.