College of Arts and Sciences, Koleke Pāheona a ʻEpekema

College of Arts and Sciences Student Awards

2022 Awards by Department



2022 Matthew Therrien Award Winner:

Howards and Yoneko Droste Awards

Gender and Women’s Studies

2022 Award Winners

  • Best paper on the subject of diversity & social justice
    • 1st place winner ($250): Beauregard Clifford - “Exploring Lesbian Identity in Emma Donoghue’s ‘The Tale of the Rose’
    • 2nd place winner ($200): Keʻalohi Rebekah Wang - “The Dainty, the Innocent, and the Suffering: An Analysis of the Representation of Femininity in Fairy Tales
    • 3rd place winner ($175): Kemey Shirley Andrew – “The Often Neglected Root Cause of Female Juvenile Delinquency: Causes & Effects of Traumatic Domestic Abuse
    • Honorable mentions ($125):
      • Skye Crosby - “Snow White and The Female Archetype
      • Elena Espinoza – “Feminism in Aldous Huxleyʼs Brave New World
      • Paige Hamada - “Understanding the Conflicts of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Project and Analyzing its Impact on Students at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo
  • Yoko Okita award: Best Creative Submission on the Topic of Sexual Assault and/or Violence
    • Michelle Bond – “Sexual Assault Poem” ($100)
    • Cydney Harkness - “Motherhood” – ($100)
  • Regina Titunik Memorial Award for Gender and Women’s Studies
    • Winner: Lindsey Krewson

Beauregard CliffordBeauregard Clifford

Kemey Shirley AndrewKemey Shirley Andrew

Michelle BondMichelle Bond

Ke’alohi Rebekah WangKeʻalohi Rebekah Wang

Cydney HarknessCydney Harkness

Lindsey KrewsonLindsey Krewson

Japanese Studies

2022 Excellence Award Winner

  • Jamie Yap

Jamie Yap Jamie Yap is recognized for excellence

Performing Arts Department

2022-2023 Dean's Scholarship Recipients

  • Savannah Christensen
  • Stephani Pelletier
  • Naomi Lemieux

Political Science and Administration of Justice

View the 2021-2022 winners at the Political Science website.

We congratulate Tiffnie Kakalia, our 2021-2022 Keim Scholarship recipient!

Tiffnie KakaliaTiffnie Kakalia

We congratulate Joshua Liu, our 2021-2022 Titunik Award recipient!
Joshua LiuJoshua G.C. Liu

We congratulate Maya J.K. McGarry, our 2021-2022 Castberg Award recipient!
Maya J.K. McGarryMaya J.K. McGarry

Pi Sigma Alpha logoThe National Political Science Honor Society 2021-2022 Pi-Sigma-Alpha Inductees

  • Makanamakamaeonalani (Makana) DaMate
  • Riana Jicha
  • Leoshina Kariha
  • John Moyer
  • Samantha Peck
  • Harris Ubedei

2021 Awards by Department


Anthropology Department

Department of Languages

2021 Award Winners:

  • Tristine Honea
  • Hunter Bugado
  • Olivia Jarvis


2021 Matthew Therrien Award Winner:

Howards and Yoneko Droste Awards

Gender and Women's Studies

Gender and Women's Studies Department

2021 Award Winners

  • Outstanding Rising Senior ($500 Award)
    • Lindsey Krewson
  • Passionate Activism Award ($500 Award)
    • Melissa Ferguson
  • Regina Titunik Memorial Award in Women's Studies
    • Dayva Escobar
    • Jaime McCampbell


History Department

2021 History Writing Award Winners:

  • Hawaiian History ($100 award)
    • Maile Hayashida
    • Emma Kawaikahi Tanigawa
  • Pacific History ($100 award)
    • Taecia Kukui Akana
  • World History ($100 award)
    • David Fruend
  • United States History ($100 award)
    • Komela McAuliffe

Gary Y. Okihiro & Marina A. Henriquez Student Award for Significant Community Contributution toward Hawaiian History and Culture

  • Honorable Mention ($100 award)
    • Taecia Kukui Akana
    • Ariel Young-Ziegler
  • 1st place Winner ($300 award)
    • Kenneth CJ Sweezey

Performing Arts

Performing Arts Department

  • Academic Excellence Award
    • Naomi Lemieux
  • Service to the Deparment Award
    • Davya Escobar
  • Artistic Excellence in Drama
    • Evangeline Lemieux
  • Artistic Excellence in Dance
    • Kiaria Zoi Nakamura
  • Artistic Excellence in Music
    • Amanda Jarvis
  • Technical Theatre Award
    • Braden Savage

Political Science & Administration of Justice

Political Science & Administration of Justice Department

Lindsay Emerson Regina F. Titunik Distinguished Research Paper Award

Lindsay Emerson, 2020-2021 Titunik Award recipient!

James Matsumoto Rick A. Castberg Award for Outstanding Graduating Senior

James Matsumoto, 2020-2021 Castberg Award recipient!

Nevaeh Fukui-Stoos Willard D. Keim Memorial Scholarship

Nevaeh Fukui-Stoos, 2020-2021 Keim Scholarship recipient!

  • Pi Sigma Alpha Inductees
    • Nicole Arruda
    • Lindsay Emerson
    • Kalanihuia Forbes
    • Talen Heinicke
    • Vaughn Kelii
    • James K. K. Matsumoto
    • Missy K. Miyashiro
    • Lawrence K. Nahalea, Sr.
    • Joseph B. Scott, Jr.
    • Kelly K. Kaaumoana-Matsumoto


Philosophy Department

Undergraduate Philosophy Essay Prize Winner:

  • Joy Boswell, for her essay "Heidegger and Nietzsche."

Additional Awards

Yoko Okita Award for the best student paper related to sexual violence and assault.

  • Winner #1 - Anna Meyers
    • for Interpreting the Failure to Witness Survivors of Sexual Violence
  • Winner #2 - Billie-Ann Bruce
    • for Role of Sexual Abuse on School to Prison Pipeline