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2022 Student Recognition

Best Paper on the Topic of Diversity and Social Justice

1st place winner ($250)
Beauregard Clifford

Exploring Lesbian Identity in Emma Donoghueʼs ʻThe Tale of the Rose’

Beauregard CliffordBeauregard Clifford

2nd place winner ($200)
Ke’alohi Rebekah Wang

The Dainty, the Innocent, and the Suffering: An Analysis of the Representation of Femininity in Fairy Tales

Ke’alohi Rebekah WangKe’alohi Rebekah Wang

3rd place winner ($175)
Kemey Shirley Andrew

The Often Neglected Root Cause of Female Juvenile Delinquency: Causes & Effects of Traumatic Domestic Abuse

Kemey Shirley AndrewKemey Shirley Andrew

Honorable mentions ($125)
Skye Crosby - “Snow White and The Female Archetype
Elena Espinoza – “Feminism in Aldous Huxleyʼs Brave New World
Paige Hamada - “Understanding the Conflicts of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT) Project and Analyzing its Impact on Students at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo

Paige HamadaPaige Hamada

Syke CrosbySkye Crosby

Elena EspinozaElena Espinoza

Yoko Okita Award

Best Creative Submission on the Topic of Sexual Assault and/or Violence
Michelle Bond – “Sexual Assault Poem” ($100)
Cydney Harkness - “Motherhood” – ($100)

Michelle BondMichelle Bond

Cydney HarknessCydney Harkness

Regina Titunik Memorial Award for Gender and Womenʻs Studies

2022 Winner
Lindsey Krewson

Lindsey KrewsonLindsey Krewson

2021 Student Recognition

Outstanding Rising Senior ($500 Award)

  • Lindsey Krewson

Passionate Activism Award ($500 Award)

  • Melissa Ferguson

Regina Titunik Memorial Award in Women's Studies

  • Dayva Escobar
  • Jaime McCampbell

About the Regina Titunik Memorial Award in Women’s Studies

Regina Titunik was a professor of Political Science at UH Hilo from 1995-2009. She was actively involved with the Women’s Studies Program (as it was then called), and was the newly-appointed Program Facilitator at her untimely death. She taught a cross-listed course called “Women and War,” and advocated for the establishment of a Women’s Studies major.

The memorial award was established in 2010 with the following description:

For the Women’s Studies student who best exemplifies Professor Titunik’s traits of rigorous scholarship, collegial cooperation, generosity, compassion, and resistance to injustice. Regina exemplified the philosophy of Women’s Studies: to work to transform institutionalized oppression and initiative transformative solutions.

Regina Titunik
Regina Titunik

Past recipients


Beverly Yates-TeseBeverly Yates-Tese
Beverly Yates-Tese


Briana Tucker-ArchieBriana Tucker-Archie
Briana Tucker-Archie


Kaylee DeCambraKaylee DeCambra
Kaylee DeCambra


Amy Gregg and Elise InouyeAmy Gregg and Elise Inouye
Elise Inouye


Amy Gregg adn Sadie DossettAmy Gregg and Sadie Dossett
Sadie Dossett


Hannah LipmanHannah Lipman
Hannah Lipman


Rachel ThomsonRachel Thomson
Rachel Thomson


Scheherazade Folley-RegustersScheherazade Folley-Regusters
Scheherazade Folley-Regusters


Alison MartynAlison Martyn
Alison Martyn


Amanda JohnsonAmanda Johnson
Amanda Johnson


Kylie AlexandraKylie Alexandra
Kylie Alexandra

Year Award Winner
2021 Dayva Escobar, Jaime McCampbell
2020 Beverly Yates-Tese
2019 Briana Tucker-Archie
2018 Kaylee DeCambra
2017 Elise Inouye
2016 Sadie Dossett
2015 Hannah Lipman
2014 Rachel Thompson
2013 Scheherazade Folley-Regusters
2012 Alison Martyn
2011 Amanda Johnson
2010 Kylie Alexandra