College of Arts and Sciences

Dean’s Office

Michael J. Bitter

Interim Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Professor of History

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7095, Email

My research focuses on Anglo-Russian relations and interactions during the 1730s, an important period of consolidation of the westernizing reforms of Peter the Great in Russia.

I teach courses in world and European history, with specialty courses in Russian and German history, the history of the Eighteenth Century in Europe, and European Imperialism.

Division Chairs

Kerri A. Inglis

Chair, Social Sciences Division; Professor, History

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7101, Email, Website

My primary interests include research and teaching in the history of health, disease, and medicine, especially as it pertains to Hawaiʻi and the Pacific, but also within a global context.

I teach courses in world, Hawaiian, and Pacific history, as well as select courses in public history.

Rodney C. Jubilado

Chair, Division of Humanities; Associate Professor, Filipino Studies; Coordinator, Filipino Studies Program

Contact: Tel: (808) 932-7209, Email

I hold the degree of PhD in Theoretical Linguistics. My research includes formal linguistics, migration, Southeast Asian Studies, and heritage education. I have spent more than a decade of studies focusing on Malay culture, language, and linguistics.

I am particularly interested in researching on the Filipino-Americans in Hawaiʻi and the Sama-Bajaus (Sea Gypsies) of Sulu-Sulawesi Seas. I have done research presentations at major international conferences in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, USA, among others. I have published various research articles in peer-reviewed journals and with Routledge.

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