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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo — where education takes place with a spirit of aloha. All of us in the CAS — students and faculty alike — are engaged in a process of continual life-long learning. We are fortunate to have the beautiful island of Hawaiʻi as the setting for this learning. Hawaiʻi is a truly special place in the world and the island of Hawaiʻi provides a natural and cultural living laboratory in which the educational experience comes alive!

The College of Arts and Sciences offers Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees, Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees, Master's degrees, and specialized undergraduate certificate programs. The College also offers Master's degree programs in Education, Counseling Psychology and Heritage Management. Many of these programs take special advantage of our island location. Anthropology, Environmental Science, Geography and History are some examples of programs where UH Hilo offers a unique educational environment. Excellent professional programs in Counseling Psychology and Education prepare students for professional careers.

UH Hilo offers a broad array of educational possibilities, nearly as diverse as its student body and as varied as the island climate zones encountered as one travels from the ocean shore to the peak of Maunakea. Explore our web site and learn which of these possibilities best suits your personal goals and interests.

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The College of Arts and Sciences is excited to share Student Awards and Recognition for Spring 2021.

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