Division of Student Affairs (DSA)

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Campus Center

  • Events and Annoucements
  • Obtain your Campus ID and valididty
  • Da Lava Tube (Free Gameroom)

Campus Life

  • Are you looking to get involved in a club on campus? Have a special interest you want to share with others? UH Hilo offers opportunities to become a member or leader of lots of different clubs.
  • Join or start a club
  • Radio, Newspapers and Performing arts opportunity
  • Ways to stay fit, keep healthy, and have fun!
  • Bus Schedules, Bike Sharing Program, and Campus Parking
  • Campus Safety and Emergency Procedures available 24/7

Campus Recreation and Wellness

  • Balance and improve your studies by staying fit, keeping healthy, and having fun at the Student Life Center (SLC)! UH Hilo students can workout, swim, or join a recreational class or sports club, participate in intramural sports, or take a physical education class through the Kinesiology & Exercise Sciences Department

Student Employment

  • The University of Hawaiʻi utilizes an online SECE system which provides all on-campus job openings.
  • There are 2 types of on-campus positions that are listed; Federal Work-Study positions (FWS) and General Funded positions.
  • Please note that FWS positions are reserved for those students who have an FWS Award as part of their Financial Aid Award package.

Student Support

  • The Student Support Services Program (SSSP) is a Federally funded TRiO program designed to assist eligible students in achieving their maximum potential in college. SSSP assists with; Financial Aid Counseling, Tutoring & Resources (Computers, printers and a scanner), CashCourse Financial Literacy Workshops, Skills Workshops, and Free Theater Tickets

Diversity Center

Kīpuka Native Hawaiian Student Center

Kipuka Entrance At the Native Hawaiian Student Center , we encourage you to enjoy the fresh air by utilizing the Kīpuka lānai or outdoor covered courtyard area while practicing proper social distancing. The courtyard tables are at least 6 feet apart and at this time, we are asking for your cooperation in restricting the space to one student per table. Kīpuka staff will sanitize tables after each use.

STAR Kiosk Kīpuka's Hours Kālakaua Lab hours
Monday-Friday 8:00a-4:00p Monday-Friday 8:00a-4:00p Monday-Thursday, 8:00a-5:00p
Friday 8:00a-4:00p

Additional Support Programs: