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Student Grievances

A student may invoke a formal grievance only after exhausting all informal complaint procedures. The policy and procedures outlined below deal only with individual complaints and/or grievances against the actions and/or decisions of faculty, academic administrators, or staff professionals. Please note that the following are not classified as student grievances:

  1. Group grievances are not permitted.
  2. Student grade unrelated to Academic Integrity Issues—Vice Chancellor Academic Affairs
  3. Violations of Code of Conduct (Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs/Dean of Students)
  4. Violations of Sportsmanship (Athletics)
  5. Student Policy Issues (Office that oversees the policy)
  6. Parking Violations (Campus Security/Parking Services)
  7. Sexual Harassment (Title IX)
  8. Accommodations Complaints (Student Disability Services)
  9. Discrimination/Harassment (Human Resources)
  10. Academic Suspension Appeals (Academic Affairs)
  11. Satisfactory Academic Progress (Financial Aid)
  12. Residence Hall Policies (Housing and Residence Life)

Complaints and/or grievances will not involve allegations of dishonesty or abuse of professional responsibility as such allegations fall strictly under formal University disciplinary proceedings. Procedures for redress of grievances must protect the respondent against unsubstantiated and false charges of bias or unfairness. Therefore, in a grievance there is a presumption that procedures have been fairly followed. It is the responsibility of the grievant to demonstrate otherwise. The final responsibility for assigning or changing a student’s record rests solely with the faculty, academic administrators, or staff professional.

  • A student must first address the complaint to the concerned faculty, administrator, or professional responsible for the alleged action(s) and/or decision(s) resulting in the complaint.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved by the student and faculty, administrator, or professional, the student should meet with the Department Chairperson/Director to discuss their complaint.
  • If the student and the Department Chairperson/Director cannot resolve the complaint, the student should meet with the appropriate school or Dean or Director to discuss their complaint.

Student Grievance Procedures

  • If the complaint is unresolved at this point, the student may file a Student Grievance Form posted at the Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs and Dean of Students (AVCSA/DOS) website submitting the completed form with supporting documentation electronically.The AVCSA/DOS shall forward the Grievance Form to the appropriate Vice Chancellor’s Office that would handle the complaint and acknowledge to the student that “informal efforts have been exhausted to resolve the issues being grieved” and that the appropriate Vice Chancellor’s Office will respond. The appropriate Vice Chancellor’s Office will review the Grievance Form and follow up appropriately to address.

Interim Dean of Students

Timothy “Tim” A. Moore

Executive Director of Student Support and Well-being; Interim Dean of Students

(808) 932-7610


(808) 932-7471

Student Life Center, room 124

The AVCSA/DOS Office maintains all student conduct records which are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Students may request a copy of their file and/or may give permission to have their files viewed by others (including third parties), by completing and submitting a Release of Information Form.