Papahana Hoʻolālā Hikiāloa - Strategic Plan: 2021-2031

Measuring and Evaluating Success

Wide angle aerial view of UH Hilo campus and environs

We will evaluate and measure our success in achieving our goals by advancing these strategies:

  • Provide students an equitable experience to ensure student success.
  • Ensure student success by building bridges between academic and student affairs towards successful partnerships.
  • Advance equity through undergraduate and graduate student input and disaggregated institutional data.
  • Improve interdisciplinary and collaborative efforts to ensure student success.
  • Build our level of engagement and communicate those efforts internally and externally to celebrate our role in regional stewardship.
  • Strengthen and support ʻĀina- and Community-based high impact practices.
  • Nurture and strengthen campus relationships and campus culture.
  • Create a professional development program that targets critical skills needed on campus.
  • Develop a stronger and future-focused organizational infrastructure including facilities, equipment, and workplace operations.

Data dashboards will illustrate our progress in advancing these strategies and the actions put in place to achieve them; identify areas needing attention; and help generate ideas for future strategies and actions.

While these evaluations will quantify some of the impact of our actions, we realize that we cannot measure all successes. We cannot know our full impact on the student experience. We also recognize that our work goes beyond the campus, impacting the local economy, environment, the arts, healthcare, and numerous facets of community life in ways that are difficult to quantify.

We will conduct reviews of the strategic plan in which we compare our university’s institutional profile to previous years and factor in other information to evaluate the success of individual strategies. The Chancellor and university leadership will coordinate these reviews. The campus community will receive updates on efforts to achieve our vision for UH Hilo and the advancement of strategies that support our goals.

University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo: 2021 - 2031