UH Hilo 2002-2010 Strategic Plan

UH Hilo 2002-2010 Strategic Plan


Introduction from the Chancellor

A photo of Chancellor Emerita Rose Tseng smiling for the camera. This strategic plan will guide our evolution as we strive to realize an exciting vision for the university. UH Hilo is poised to flourish in the coming century. The plan communicates the ways in which we intend to fulfill our distinctive mission and achieve our full potential through the year 2010.

The plan was developed over the 2001-2002 academic year in a collaboration involving faculty, students, staff, administrators, and members of the public. In developing the plan, the Strategic Plan Review Committee relied on input from surveys, forums, and other means, including close contact with the UH Hilo Faculty Congress. I was very pleased to see the high degree of interest and participation on campus.

This planning effort could not have come at a more auspicious time. The 1997 strategic plan was due for its regular review. The campus had just drafted a comprehensive self study in preparation for an accreditation visit, so we had the benefit of a great deal of recent institutional research and reflection. And, as luck would have it, the UH system's new president, Evan Dobelle, just at this time called for a systemwide planning process, challenging each campus to develop new plans aligned with the system's emerging priorities.

The committee reported to the UH Hilo Faculty Congress, which approved the draft plan in May of 2002. I would like to acknowledge the hard work done by everyone involved and extend my thanks to all who participated.

Plans of this nature are always works in progress. In this rapidly changing world, we will continue to be challenged to find the best possible ways to focus our effort and resources to fulfill our mission. I look forward to working regularly with faculty, students, and the community to refine our plans and feel confident that, through communication, foresight, and careful attention to all of the plan's objectives, we will be able to make our aspirations real.

Strategic Plan Review Committee

  • Helen Rogers, Chair
  • Susan G. Brown
  • Bill Chen
  • Normand Dionne
  • Margaret Haig
  • Harry Hennessey
  • Robert Z. Knight
  • Andrew Levin
  • Gail Makuakane-Lundin
  • Rebecca Ostertag
  • William S. Sakai
  • Kenith L. Simmons
  • Lynne Stamoulis
  • William H. Wilson