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Fall 2011 Semester Academic Calendar

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**Subject to Change without notice. Last updated 6/21/11

Event Date Day
Orientation, Advising and Registration Aug 15-18 (M-R)
Holiday: Statehood Day Aug 19 (F)
Last Day to Register without $30 Late Fee Aug 21 (Su)
Last Day to Withdraw from Classes without Owing Tuition & Fees Aug 21 (Su)
First Day of Instruction (A $30.00 Late Registration Fee will be Charged for New Registrations on or after the First Day of Instruction.) Aug 22 (M)
Last Day to Register or Add Classes Aug 26 (F)
Late Add with Permission Only. Aug 27-Sep 2 (Sa-F)
Last Day to Completely Withdraw From Classes Without Owing Tuition. (If you register and decide to not attend, you must officially withdraw by this date. Failure to withdraw will result in a financial obligation to the UH System and may result in an "F" for the class(es) not attended. Student fees are still owed.) Sep 2 (F)
Holiday: Labor Day Sep 5 (M)
Final Deadline to Apply for Fall 2011 Graduation Sep 9 (F)
Last Day to Exercise Credit/No Credit Sep 9 (F)
Last Day to Submit Auditors Form Sep 9 (F)
Last Day to Drop Classes without “W” Sep 12 (M)
Last Day to Receive 50% Refund of Tuition for Complete Withdrawals. (If you have not yet paid for your tuition, your account will be charged for 50% of the tuition and all fees.) Sep 12 (M)
No refunds will be issued after this date. Sep 12 (M)
Priority Deadline to Apply for Spring 2012 Graduation Oct 3 (M)
Last Day to Withdraw From Courses with “W” Oct 14 (F)
Last Day to Submit Approved Sum 2012 Curriculum Documents to Registrar Oct 31 (M)
“I” Removal Deadline: Student to Instructor Nov 1 (T)
Last Day to Apply for Credit-by-Exam for Fall Nov 1 (T)
Graduate Thesis/Dissertation to Committee Deadline Nov 4 (F)
Holiday: Veteran’s Day Nov 11 (F)
“I” Removal and Change of Grade Deadline: Instructor to the Office of the Registrar Nov 15 (T)
Last Day to Submit Credit-by-Exam Results to Office of the Registrar Nov 15 (T)
Graduate Thesis Defense/Dissertation Deadline Nov 18 (F)
Holiday: Thanksgiving Day Nov 24 (R)
Non-Instructional Day Nov 25 (F)
Last Day to Apply for Spring 2012 Classified Admission Dec 1 (R)
Graduate Form 3: Thesis/Dissertation to Library & Office of the Registrar Deadline Dec 2 (F)
Last Day of Instruction Dec 8 (R)
Last Day to Completely Withdraw (from all classes) with a “W” Dec 8 (R)
Final Examinations Dec 12-16 (M-F)
Last Day to Submit a Change of Major to Office of the Registrar Dec 16 (F)
Fall Semester Ends Dec 16 (F)
Fall 2011 Commencement Dec 17 (S)
Final Grades Due in MyUH at 12 noon Dec 19 (M)
Graduate Form 4 for Fall Graduates: Certificate of Completion of Degree Requirements due to the Office of the Registrar. No extensions. Jan 13, 2012 (F)

Early Registration for Spring 2012

**Subject to change without notice**    Last Updated 6/21/2011

Event Date Day
Advising Begins
Nov 17
Early Registration Begins via MyUH Portal
Nov 28

Fall 2011 Final Exam Schedule

  1. Find the starting time of your class in the first column
  2. Find the number assigned to your class days in the second or third column of the Time Block Table.
  3. Find the class’ number in the Exam Table.
Time Block Table
Class Starting Time M-W-F Tu-Th
Between 07:30 and 08:25am 1 13
Between 08:30 and 09:25am 2 14
Between 09:30 and 10:25am 3 15
Between 10:30 and 11:25am 4 16
Between 11:30 and 12:25pm 5 17
Between 12:30 and 01:25pm 6 18
Between 01:30 and 02:25pm 7 19
Between 02:30 and 03:25pm 8 20
Between 03:30 and 04:25pm 9 21
Between 04:30 and 05:25pm 10 22
Between 05:30 and 06:25pm 11 23
06:30pm and after 12 24

Exam Table
Exam Times
07:30 - 09:30am 1 14 2 13
09:40 - 11:40am 3 16 4 15
11:50 - 01:50pm 5 18 6 17
02:00 - 04:00pm 7 20 8 19
04:10 - 06:10pm 9 22 10 21
06:20 - 08:20pm 11 24 12 23
  • Classes that meet one evening per week, the final examination will be given on the same day and time during the final exam week.
  • Classes that meet on both M, W, F and Tu, Th blocks have the option of having the exam in either time block.
  • Classes meeting on Saturdays will have final examinations on Saturday of the final exam week.

To contact the UH Hilo Office of the Registrar, email Questions regarding other University of Hawaiʻi campuses should be directed to the appropriate campus contact.