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Campus Parking

Parking at the UH Hilo campus will remain in a status that does not require paid parking permits for the 2023-24 Academic Year. This means that parking zones will not require permits with the exception of Housing parking zones, which will require a Housing parking permit. There is no charge for visitor parking.

Students who live on campus and/or those approved to park in the Housing Parking Zones are the only vehicles allowed to park and/or park overnight in the Housing Parking Zones located in the residence communities on campus.

Parking Enforcement will remain in place for rule violations, which include but are not limited to: parking in prohibited areas (on grassed areas not marked for parking, outside of marked stalls, medial strips, sidewalks, drive ways, fire lanes, ADA stalls, loading docks, etc.).

In addition, Overnight Parking restrictions will also continue. Campus parking lots are closed from midnight until 6:00am, with the exception of Lanikaula and Zone 4 (near the old gym) which close 11:00pm to 6:00am, and Housing lots which do not close. Individuals needing after-hours parking must contact the UH Hilo Parking Office or Campus Security for overnight authorization.

Lastly, the campus gates on Nowelo Street will continue to be closed from 10:00pm to 6:00am, 7 days a week.

Welcome to the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo campuses. Traffic and parking rules have been established to provide for the safety and general welfare of the University community. Campus parking procedures are summarized here. Copies of the complete rules are available at the Parking/Security Office, Auxiliary Services Building 300, Room 101.

There are four parking categories as seen on the map:

On this page:

Parking permits/passes are required during the Spring and Fall semesters from 6:00am to 4:00pm class days, beginning and ending with the first and last day of instruction.

View an interactive map of Campus Parking Areas.

Parking Permits

Parking permits are available to University students and employees on a first-come, first-served basis. Permits are sold by the semester and/or academic year. The following items are required to purchase a parking permit:

  • driver's license
  • motor vehicle registration certificate
  • owner's waiver (PDF) (if vehicle user is other than registered owner)

The University's permit adheres to the inside of your windshield by static. If you drive different vehicles, the permit can be transferred. Permanent stickers are available for convertibles and motorcycles. Mopeds should use bike racks, and do not require a parking permit. For your protection, report missing permits to the parking Office immediately. There is a $10.00 charge for replacement permits.

General Parking

General parking is located on the perimeter of the Main Campus and requires a blue parking permit. Cost is $15.00/semester or $25.00/academic year.

To obtain a parking permit, contact:

(808) 932-7009

(808) 932-7004

Auxiliary Services Building, room 102


Preferred Parking

Preferred parking is centrally located on the UH Hilo Main Campus, and requires a red parking permit. The Preferred Lots are divided into different zones and permits designate in which zone to park. If designated zone is full, park in any General Lot or overflow in Hale Kehau/Kanilehua and Alahonua lots. Cost is $35.00/semester or $60.00/academic year.

For persons demonstrating a need to park in various lots on campus, (such as those with physical disabilities) a special use “S” permit is available.

Carpool Parking

Vehicles arriving on campus with three (3) or more occupants qualify for a free carpool pass, which is available at the main campus entrance on Kāwili St. Like all other campus parking, a valid university parking permit/pass is required during hours of enforcement in addition to the free carpool pass. If carpool stalls are full, vehicles with two or more occupants must park in lots where their permit is valid.

Housing Parking

Housing parking is available to dormitory residents. Housing Lots are located on the Main Campus and require a parking permit. Housing parking permit holders are also allowed to park in the Athletics General parking lot and the General parking above Nowelo Bridge along the right hand side.

Open Parking

Open parking is available in the Lanikaula Lot and on Aohōkū Street.

Visitor and Overnight Parking

Daily Parking

Daily parking is $3.00 Visitors must buy a daily parking pass, good in all lots, from the Parking Office or Main Entrance kiosk. Campus guests should see sponsoring University programs for validation stickers. Refunds, for short term visits, will be available if the pass is returned within 1/2 hour from the time of purchase.

Overnight Parking

Campus parking lots are closed from 12:00 midnight until 6:00 am, with the exceptions of Lanikaula and Zone 4 (near the Old Gym) which close 11:00pm to 6:00am and Housing lots which do not close. Students and employees needing after-hours parking should contact the Parking Office or Campus Security for overnight authorization.

Disability Parking

To park in a handicap stall on campus:

  1. a State of Hawaiʻi Disabled Parking Placard and personal ID card is required 24 hours/7 days a week,
  2. a University parking permit is also required during hours of enforcement.

The parking maps identify handicap stall locations. Request for other campus accommodations should be submitted to the University Disability Services office at (808) 932-7623 (TTY (808) 932-7002).

Disability Parking Sign

Parking Enforcement

Rules for standard vehicle operation are enforced 24 hours, all year. This includes speeding, excessive noise, parking in fire lanes, handicap stalls, loading docks, on grass, etc. Enforcement of parking permits/passes begins the first day of class each Fall and Spring semester.

Unresolved citations will result in financial obligations and/or towing. Fines for traffic and parking violations range from $40.00 to $260.00 depending on the severity of the infraction. After 15 days, a $10.00 late fee is added. Appeal Forms are available from the Parking Office. The University of Hawaiʻi will not be responsible for loss or damage to vehicles parked on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can parking permits be purchased?
Parking permits can be purchased as soon as class enrollment can be verified, i.e., class schedule or financial aid award letter.
When and where do I need to display the parking permit?
Enforcement of parking permits begins on the first day of instruction for the Spring and Fall semesters between the hours of 6:00am and 4:00pm. Parking permits are to be placed inside front windshield, driver's side, lower corner.
If the desired lot is not available, what are my options?
You can purchase any other available lot or use the open parking in the Lanikaula Lot and on Aohōkū Street.
What if I get a ticket?
You need to pay your fine or appeal the citation at the Parking Office within seven (7) days to avoid penalties.
What if I'm visiting the dorms?
Daily parking passes ($3) are required from 6:00am until 4:00pm on class days during the Spring and Fall semesters. All other times are open/free parking.

More Information

The service window is open from 8:00am-4:00pm. Parking permit applications, required documents and citation appeals can also be mailed, faxed, or placed in the “after hours” mail slot in the office door. You can also schedule an appointment for unresolved problems.

Payments of cash, check (to “UH Hilo”), and VISA/Mastercard are welcome.

Violation Schedule

Violation Fine 15-Working Day Non-Payment Penalty
(1) Parking in prohibited areas such as, but not limited to, the following: on grassed areas not marked for parking, outside of marked stalls, medial strips, sidewalks, driveways, crosswalks, in loading stalls, in "No Parking" areas, or along so marked curbs $40 $50
(2) Parking in area not designated for that specific type of vehicle $40 $50
(3) Operating or parking a vehicle of any type, moped, or motorcycle in an unauthorized area within the University $40 $50
(4) Double parking or vehicles not placed wholly within the lines or boundaries of the parking space $40 $50
(5) Parking in a reserved stall $50 $60
(6) Parking in handicapped stall without proper permit $260 $270
(7) Parking in loading zone longer than 15 minutes $50 $60
(8) Parking in wrong zone $40 $50
(9) Parking without a permit $40 $50
(10) Failure to display permit or displaying at an improper location $40 $50
(11) Failure to pay daily parking fee $40 $50
(12) Falsifying information on an application $50 $60
(13) Displaying or using invalid permit or pass $40 $50
(14) Processing or using counterfeit, altered, defaced, illegally transferred, or stolen permit $100 $110
(15) Driving on areas other than streets, roads, or parking areas $97 $107
(16) Exceeding 15 mph or other posted speed limits on campus $97 $107
(17) Reckless driving $97 $107
(18) Failure to heed directions of a duly authorized officer $97 $107
(19) Failure to heed directions of an official sign or symbols $97 $107
(20) Moving violations of the County of Hawaii Traffic Code not otherwise specified in these regulations $97 $107
(21) Parking or operating a bicycle or moped in violation of the County of Hawaii Traffic Code (not otherwise specified therein) $72 $82
(22) Failure to make a complete stop at an Official “STOP” sign $97 $107
(23) Transporting a bicycle, moped, or motorcycle in an elevator $40 $50
(24) Damaging campus signs, parking gates, or parking appurtenances $97 + cost of repair or replacement $107 + cost of repair or replacement
(25) Repeat or flagrant violation of parking regulations $100 $110
(26) Motor vehicle or its alarm system making Excessive noise and/or causing a disturbance $72 $82
(27) Moving any barricade or parking within any barricaded area $97 $107

Read the complete UH Hilo Parking Policy.