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Campus Parking

Welcome to the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo campuses. Traffic and parking rules have been established to provide for the safety and general welfare of the University community. Campus parking procedures are summarized here. Copies of the complete rules are available at the Parking/Security Office, Auxiliary Services Building 300, Room 101.

Main Campus Map There are four parking categories (see color-coded map):

Parking permits/passes are required during the Fall and Spring semesters from 6am thru 4pm class days, starting the first day of class.

Parking Permits

Parking permits are available to University students and employees on a first-come, first-served basis. Permits are sold by the semester and/or academic year. The following items are required to purchase a parking permit:

The University's permit adheres to the inside of your windshield by static. If you drive different vehicles, the permit can be transferred. Permanent stickers are available for convertibles and motorcycles. Mopeds should use bike racks, and do not require a parking permit. For your protection, report missing permits to the parking Office immediately. There is a $10.00 charge for replacement permits.

General Parking

General parking is located on the perimeter of the Main Campus and requires a blue parking permit. Cost is $15/semester or $25/academic year.

Preferred Parking

Preferred parking is centrally located on the UH Hilo Main Campus, and requires a red parking permit. The Preferred Lots are divided into different zones and permits designate in which zone to park. If designated zone is full, park in any General Lot or overflow in Hale Kehau/Kanilehua and Alahonua lots. Cost is $35/semester or $60/academic year.

For persons demonstrating a need to park in various lots on campus, (such as those with physical disabilities) a special use “S” permit is available.

Housing Parking

Housing parking is available to dormitory residents. Housing Lots are located on the Main Campus and require a green parking permit. Permits are only sold by the semester; cost is $35.

Open Parking

Open parking is available in the Lanikaula Lot and on Aohōkū Street.

Visitor and Overnight Parking

Daily Parking

Daily parking is $3. Visitors must buy a daily parking pass, good in all lots, from the Parking Office or Main Entrance kiosk. Campus guests should see sponsoring University programs for validation stickers. Refunds, for short term visits, will be available if the pass is returned within 1/2 hour from the time of purchase.

Overnight Parking

Campus parking is closed from 12:00 midnight until 6:00 am, except Housing lots. Students and employees needing after-hours parking should contact the Parking Office or Campus Security for overnight authorization.

Disability Parking

Disability Parking Sign

To park in a handicap stall on campus:

  1. a State of Hawaiʻi Disabled Parking Placard and personal ID card is required 24 hours/7 days a week,
  2. a University parking permit is also required during hours of enforcement.

The parking maps identify handicap stall locations. Request for other campus accommodations should be submitted to the University Disability Services office at 932-7623 (TTY 932-7002).

Parking Enforcement

Rules for standard vehicle operation are enforced 24 hours, all year. This includes speeding, excessive noise, parking in fire lanes, handicap stalls, loading docks, on grass, etc. Enforcement of parking permits/passes begins the first day of class each Fall and Spring semester.

Unresolved citations will result in financial obligations and/or towing. Fines for traffic and parking violations range from $15 to $250 depending on the severity of the infraction. After 7 days, a $10 late fee is added. Appeal forms are available from the Parking Office. The University of Hawaiʻi will not be responsible for loss or damage to vehicles parked on campus.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I purchase a parking permit?
arking permits can be purchased as soon as class enrollment can be verified, i.e., class schedule or financial aid award letter. When and where do I need to display the parking permit?
Enforcement of parking permits begins on the first day of class in the Fall and Spring semesters between the hours of 6am and 4pm. Place parking permits inside front windshield, driver's side, lower corner. If the desired lot is not available, what are my options?
You can purchase any other available lot. What if I get a ticket?
You need to pay your fine or appeal the citation at the Parking Office within seven (7) days to avoid penalties. What if I'm visiting the dorms?
Daily parking passes ($3) are required from 6am until 4pm on class days during the Fall and Spring semesters. All other times are open/free parking.

More Information

The service window is open from 8am-4pm. Parking permit applications, required documents and citation appeals can also be mailed, faxed, or placed in the “after hours” mail slot in the office door. You can also schedule an appointment for unresolved problems.

Payments of cash, check (to “UH Hilo”), and VISA/Mastercard are welcome.