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Guidelines for Distribution of Newspapers and Other News Periodicals Campus

  1. Areas or locations for the placement of news racks for the display, distribution of newspapers and other news periodicals are to be described by a List of Locations for Newspapers and Other News Periodicals (Appendix A). This list, which may be amended at any time to reflect the changing University campus, will describe all such designated locations and will be available from the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Administrative Affairs and the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

  2. Prior to placement of any news racks or distribution of any newspapers or other news periodicals, the publication owner or designee shall register with an administrative office to be designated by the Chancellor, and provide the name of the publication, a contact name, address and telephone number. Only one newspaper rack per publication is permitted at each of the designated sites. The publication designee may choose to distribute their newspapers at some or all of the designated distribution points.

  3. Each designated distribution point should have a recycling bin and a trash receptacle in close proximity to the newspaper racks.

  4. Content of the racks (newspapers) must be secured so as not to be blown away and create litter on the grounds.

  5. The news racks are placed in exterior areas.

  6. The news racks are placed in such as way so as not to block egress for pedestrians or vehicles.

  7. Newspaper racks placed at bus stops must be impervious to precipitation.

  8. No news rack shall have need for electronic support, nor will it have electronic signage or be used for advertising or promotional purposes, other than announcing the name and/or address, including web site address, of the publication being offered for distribution. The display of a copy of the publication being dispensed shall not be deemed advertising.

  9. Coin-operated newspaper vending machines are not permitted.

  10. The news racks are to be owned and maintained by the newspaper agency. The newspaper agency is responsible to maintain cleanliness and safety of the news racks, and remove all outdated copies on a daily basis. The University is not responsible or liable for the maintenance of racks, loss of racks and content of racks

Appendix A

Campus Location News Rack Location
Library Lanai Beside Coffee Cart
Campus Center Beside Ke Kalahea 202A at 2nd floor lanai
Cafeteria (Dining room) Beside 1st floor elevator
Student Services Center Outside walkway at W-201
UCB building Across from 1st floor elevator
Performing Arts/Theatre Beside snack counter at front porch
Student Life Center Front porch
Athletics Complex #320C courtyard
Residence Halls Outside Ikena H and service counters of other dorms
Life Science building Outside LS-1
Wentworth building Outside W-1 in gravel across from bench
Science and Technology building Outside 1st floor front doors
College Hall area Old Gym front porch, Outside College of Natural and Health Sciences walkway
K-Hall Beside “free box” at 1st floor
Business Education building Outside Upward Bound office
PB 5, 6, 7 Outside PB 6 main office
College of Pharmacy Outside classrooms at ModB, or inside lobby ModA
College of Agriculture, Forestry and Natural Resource Management Outside main office (breezeway or gravel)