Auxiliary Services

Motor Pool

The intention of UH Hilo's motor pool is to provide vehicles to programs whose frequency of vehicle needs don't warrant purchasing their own. The vehicles in the motor pool are purchased with general funds, but there is a sharing of responsibility for the operational needs and costs. Un-funded expenses will be reviewed annually to determine rates.


Motor pool vehicles can be reserved a maximum of 14 continuous days, and reservations will be accepted up to 6 months in advance. To request a vehicle, fill out a Motor pool Request, obtain program manager and fiscal officer approval and submit to Auxiliary Services/Motor pool. Normal processing time for requests is 5 to 7 business days. Required information includes:

  • date and time of vehicle pick up and return
  • who's authorized to drive (copy of license required)
  • travel plan/destination
  • account code for applicable charges.

Vehicles are parked on the Main Campus, across from the Parking office in the Auxiliary Services Building #300 room 101. With a reservation confirmation, keys can be picked up during regular office hours. Instructions will be given on:

  • individual operating needs,
  • how to get gas,
  • how to handle emergencies,
  • return procedures.

Once vehicles are returned, programs are invoiced. Expenses are calculated on an hourly basis.

Users are responsible to remove all rubbish and contents. The motor pool vehicles are cleaned and serviced monthly.

To ensure good vehicles are available, the 3 strike rule is being used. Motor pool access will be denied to programs that develop histories of:

  • early departures and late returns,
  • accidents/citations,
  • slow/non-payment,
  • misuse/non-official use,
  • not refilling gas when it is below a half tank,
  • conduct not in the best interest of the University.

If you use a motor pool vehicle, please help take care of it. And if you appreciate this service, thank your administration for their support.