Co-Curricular Activities

The UH Hilo Campus Center serves as a unifying force in the campus life of all members of the University community - students, faculty, staff and alumni. Our services and programs are a catalyst for social, cultural, recreational and intellectual growth. The Campus Center, as part of the educational program of UH Hilo, serves as a laboratory of citizenship, developing socially responsible leaders essential for democracy. Our goal is to encourage students to seek a level of excellence higher than they ever imagined, in individual social competency as well as group effectiveness. The Campus Center provides the stimulus for realizing potential, hidden or obvious, as individuals maximize their skills, talents and abilities in the achievement of their visions. The student life program, in complement with our academic program, is designed to enhance the total development of our students.


Student Organizations

The University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo offers a wide range of student-administered programs, activities and services to meet the social, educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the UH Hilo community. The major organizations providing this programming are the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Student Association (UHHSA), Student Activities Council (SAC), and the Board of Student Publications (BOSP). These organizations are funded by the mandatory fees assessed all enrolled students at UH Hilo each semester.

UHHSA is the student governance body which represents all students in the university. Its primary responsibilities include research, education and action related to campus and academic issues and problems, sponsoring programs of interest and benefit to students, and participation in UH Hilo policy making and student services. Through UHHSA the students are able to generate awareness of issues, gain support for changes, and initiate actions to create the desired campus environment.

The Student Activities Council (SAC) offers a variety of cultural, educational, recreational and social programs such as dances, movies, excursions and cultural programs for the campus community. Members and volunteers in SAC gain valuable experience in planning, coordinating and evaluating events, as well as developing group leadership and project management skills that can be used to enhance job marketability.

The Board of Student Publications (BOSP) is the student-faculty committee which oversees student publications. These include Ke Kalahea, the campus student newspaper, and Kanilehua, a literary and arts journal. Ke Kalahea serves as a weekly information source of campus news and forum for student viewpoints, as well as a training program for future journalists and communication production professionals. Kanilehua showcases the best of students efforts in fiction, poetry, non-fiction and artwork.

View the list of student organizations and campus clubs to visit their respective websites.

Campus Clubs

Campus clubs provide students with another avenue to participate in campus life. Clubs are formed around common interests that are related to academic, social, political, recreational, and philosophical interests of students. Student organizations and clubs provide opportunities for students to acquire leadership skills, interact with other people, and participate in recreational and academically related activities. Students with special interests may choose to join any of the forty-plus clubs which are active during the academic year. Students are encouraged to start new clubs which must be officially registered with the Campus Center Coordinator in order to utilize campus facilities, sponsor UH Hilo - related activities or to receive funding from UHHSA.

View the list of student organizations and campus clubs to visit their respective websites.

UH Hilo Performing Arts Center

All interested students have the opportunity of joining faculty and members of the wider community in the activities of the UH Hilo Performing Arts Center. The Performing Arts Center program produces numerous plays and musicals during its year-round season. Productions include main stage productions, studio productions, improvisational theatre, and dance concerts. The Performing Arts Center presents a season of events that include dance, theatre, jazz, special events, and ethnic concerts.

Visit the UH Hilo Performing Arts Center web site for more information and current schedule of events.

Intramural Sports

Intramural sports is a structured athletic competition program for the entire University community. Students may sign up for individual events or enlist their friends and classmates to compete as a team. Different divisions exist to separate the advanced players from the novice. Intramural sports play an important role in the development of student life.

Each semester a full schedule of activities for team and individual competition is offered. Among the activities planned each year are volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, softball, billiards, golf, darts, archery, bowling and weight lifting. Students are provided with the opportunity to have fun while

developing skills, interests, attitudes and knowledge in physical activities that contribute to a lifelong commitment to health and vitality. Our intramural program features league play, weekend and weekday activities, open recreation and special events. Students officiate at all games, thus providing an opportunity to experience sports from a different perspective.