Running Start Dual Credit Program

Running Start

Running Start is a program that allows high school students to be concurrently enrolled at UH Hilo. Running Start has approved UH courses established by the Department of Education which will also apply towards high school graduation. Since they are UH courses, the credits will also apply towards a degree at UH Hilo. Please visit the Running Start web site for more information.

Early Admission

Early Admission allows students to take any course at UH Hilo as long as they have met the placement or prerequisite requirements for the course. These classes count towards a degree at UH Hilo but do not apply towards high school graduation.

Many Running Start students continue taking classes at UH Hilo through the Early Admission Program.


  1. High School Student and or Homeschool
  2. 2.5 GPA (college prep)
  3. Recommendation from high school counselor (or counselor signature on Running Start Application


Complete and submit the application form online while also having the following sent to the Admissions Office.

  1. Official high school transcripts
  2. Letter of recommendation or signed Running Start application from counselor.
  3. Applicants should provide a copy of the Running Start application to their high school registrar.