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    There is no better place than UH Hilo for studies in Biology, Geology, and Marine Science, due to our outstanding tropical climate, active volcanoes, and warm Pacific Ocean.

    Geology students enjoy field work Our campus is also renowned for study in Astronomy, since we are adjacent to Maunakea, the home of world-class observatories. Natural and Health Sciences offer rigorous programs designed to help students prepare for exciting careers and graduate school.

    Our highly successful Kinesiology and Exercise Sciences (KES) program prepares students for careers such as coaching, physical therapy, sports medicine, wellness management, and research.

    The School of Nursing offers both a Bachelor of Science (featuring community projects and a simulated hospital environment) and a Doctor of Nursing Practice (ideal for specialty positions, leadership and administration).

    Exploratory Health Sciences at UH Hilo is for students interested in pursuing a career in health and wellness. This meta major may be appropriate for students wanting the opportunity to also narrow down their options for a major to pursue and inquire into the many health science programs that UH Hilo has to offer!

    Deb Mattheus, assistant professor of nursing, coaches Nursing student Kevin Yamanaka But whether you’re seeking a degree in Mathematics or a career in Computer Science, what really sets UH Hilo apart from other universities is our diversity of cultures, our small-town style, and our friendly atmosphere. At CNHS, you can enjoy the best in academic success: outstanding faculty and staff, camaraderie with your fellow students, and a year-round tropical outdoor laboratory and activities.

    Where else can you go scuba diving to map the coral reefs one day, collect a sample of molten lava the next, and then spend the evening stargazing through a telescope?

    Marine Science student scuba diving Your greatest challenge will be deciding which program to choose, so take your time as you review our excellent selections. Or, mix and match, with a double major, a major and minor, or an interdisciplinary science degree such as the Natural Science major! Some programs offer the BA & BS; Nursing offers the BSN and DNP, and the Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science (TCBES) also offers a Master of Science degree. If you’re majoring in a degree outside of CNHS, excellent... we just encourage you to choose a few of our courses to fill your General Education requirements, or as an elective that lets you explore the wonders of Hawaiʻi.

    See you in class!

    James H. Mike , PhD
    Dean, CNHS

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