Kilohana: The Academic Success Center

Kilohana: The Academic Success Center

Kilohana is closed for the summer. We look forward to seeing you for the Fall 2022 semester! If you need assistance, you can contact the Director or STEM Coordinator.

Kilohana's mission is to support the learning and retention of all UH Hilo students by fostering the development of independent, self-motivated learners through subject-specific support and academic skills development. This is accomplished by building a network with other units on campus so that faculty and the other members of the campus community are aware of, and utilize effectively, the full spectrum of services that support success.

Kilohana peer staff work from four locations on campus. These are the Science Center in Science and Technology Building (STB) 117, the Writing Center in LRC 123 (first floor of the Moʻokini Library), the Math Center in LRC 123 (first floor of the Moʻokini Library), and the Computer Science Center in College Hall (CH) 11.

All Kilohana peer staff are UH Hilo students selected for their academic achievement and dedication to helping others succeed. Additionally, all Kilohana peer staff complete a rigorous training program.

Kilohana: The Academic Success Center

Director’s Welcome

In the Hawaiian language, Kilohana means the top layer of fabric for bedding. This top layer was beautifully decorated kapa , the fabric used before imported materials were introduced to the islands. Over time, the word came to mean superior, best, or excellent, as only the Kilohana was decorated; all the other layers had no dye or decoration. Kilohana can also mean “high point” or lookout. At first the two definitions may seem unrelated, but they are actually closely related. The first definition is an intellectual (mental) high point; the other is a literal (physical) high point. Kilohana: The Academic Success Center is all about the relationship between those two points. To reach intellectual excellence, we have to do some physical work. Anyone who has studied all night for an exam or drafted and re-drafted a term paper knows what hard work it is.

Kilohana is a place UH Hilo students can turn to when they are ready to climb to their own personal high point. Whether you want to improve your grades, learn to study smarter (not harder), or take your academic work to the next level, we are here to provide the resources and tools you need to achieve that goal. Please also note that as a member of the university community, students must abide by the campus Student Conduct Code when visiting any Kilohana location or Kilohana-sponsored event.

Whatever you are working toward, I encourage you to use all resources available to you—and there are many on this campus. I look forward to helping you make the connections you need to reach the high point of your academic career. From your own academic high point your future is visible!

Karla Hayashi