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Student Activities Council (SAC)

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The Student Activities Council provides programs, activities and services which serve the co-curricular cultural, social, recreational and educational interests of students of the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo. The SAC contributes to the development of students' skills and provides experience in leadership, program planning and development, volunteer management and fiscal management.

2017-2018 Council Members

  • Executive Chair, JoeAnna McDonald
  • Vice Chair, Kimberly Hutchinson
  • Secretary, Amber Davis
  • Publicist, Skyla Lee
  • Event Planner, Seneca Cox
  • Event Planner, Natasha Ripley
  • Event Planner, Michelle Kuehn
  • Event Planner, Danny Arase
  • Event Planner, Emily De Wulf
  • Business Manager, Juvette Kahawaii
  • CSO Advisor, Maile Boggeln