University Housing

Wireless Routers

The University and Housing has invested in upgrading of the campus wireless.  There is wireless access in all on-campus resident rooms.  All registered students can access the wireless network through their University log-in.  Students can also set up a wireless “pass through” for computers and mobile devices to use the campus’s wireless network. 
View instructions to connect to the UH Hilo Wireless Passthrough.

In the past, students have been able to provide their own wireless access router to connect to the University Network.  It has been determined that these personal wireless routers have caused problems in our network.  These issues include interference from personal routers and network loops from improper configuring and malfunctioning personal equipment

Executive Policy EP 2.210 , Use and Management of Information Technology Resources states that. “Users may not engage in activities which compromise institutional systems or network performance for others.”  Being that these issues have been arising from the use of these routers in University Housing, they will now be prohibited.

The University’s network is a shared resource, unfortunately, although a wireless router may be of a benefit to an individual, the issues that have occurred have an impact on the entire network community.  In order to protect this resource and the access for all students, this policy has been created.

Please note that violations in the policy will result in the disconnection of network service to your unit.