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Special Living Arrangements

Students with Physical Disabilities

Two apartments at Hale ╩╗Ikena and several rooms at Hale Kehau are designed to meet the needs of students with physical disabilities who are capable of living independently. Applicants for these accommodations should indicate on their application the nature of their disability as it relates to the request for a housing accommodation and must apply by regular housing deadlines. Applicants must also contact the University Disabilities Service Office at (808) 932-7623; TTY (808) 932-7002 regarding their disability eligibility status. Efforts will be made to provide a suitable living arrangement based on disability need.

Married Students

Married students are permitted to reside in University Housing provided that at least one spouse per married couple is a full-time student who qualifies under the geographical area provisions of the BOR's applicable priority system, the other spouse being a full time or part-time student.

Special Dietary Needs

The Dining Hall offers a varied menu and is capable of creating a program to meet most special dietary needs of the residents. Residents should not assume that they will be exempt from the meal plan due to their dietary needs. Students with 30 credits or who are at least 21 years of age may choose to live at Hale 'Ikena.