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Connecting to Campus WiFi

WiFi in Parking Lots

Map of Parking Zones 2 and 4 showing WiFi availability

In support of social distancing, UH campus WiFi is now available in some parking lots. Signals are strongest in Zone 2 near the Student Services Center, near the Performing Arts Center (Theater), and in Zone 4 near Portable Buildings 8 and 9 (Music).

Parking lot WiFi access requires your UH credentials.


The University of Hawai‘i System is a member of eduroam.

Eduroam Logo Eduroam is an international community comprising university and college institutions with an agreement to share network resources with all its members as they travel around the world. This allows individuals from participating schools who visit the University of Hawaii--whether on business or pleasure--to be able to get a secure Wi-Fi network connection using their own campus login username/password. Likewise, the reciprocal is true where traveling UH users can access another campus' Wi-Fi by authenticating with their UH username and password. Registration for a temporary guest account is not required for logins, so any time you see the "eduroam" SSID in your list of Wi-Fi networks, you can rest assured that you can access the Internet instantly.

While it takes a little bit of setup beforehand (see setup instructions), it avoids having to request a guest account or pay for Internet access while visiting another institution.

Connecting to the UH Wireless Passthrough

Are you frustrated with having to authenticate every time you connect your device to the UH Hilo WiFi? There is an easy way to automate your network signon: the UH Wireless Passthrough. By using the passthrough authentication service, the UH network will recognize your registered WiFi devices, and associate them with your account automatically. You can connect your phone, laptop, and tablet, and skip the login on each.

Wireless Network Authentication Signin screenSkip this screen by registering your devices on the UH network

Wireless Passthrough website headerRegister up to 10 devices to your account Wireless Passthrough device registration screen

Registered devices are remembered for up to one year, and each UH email may have up to ten devices registered to their account. To add a device, it is necessary to locate your MAC Address, a string of 12 alphanumeric characters. Sometimes, MAC addresses are referred to as "WiFi Address" or "Physical Address", and often they appear with a colon (:) separating each pair of digits, such as this example: 00:22:15:CA:12:2E.

You are responsible for all devices registered under your account while they are connected to the UH network.