University Housing

Cancellations & Refund Procedures

These are the general guidelines for room and meal plan refunds. All requests for refunds must be made in writing and turned in to the University Housing Office . Refunds are normally mailed to the student and processing may take four to six weeks. Refunds may be delayed if student has an outstanding obligation to the University. Any outstanding obligation to the Housing Office will be deducted from the refund. All amounts due to the Student Housing are based on the entire applicable Fall/Spring/Summer term. Once an assignment is made and a signed billing statement is received by Housing, it is up to the individual to cancel his/her space in writing if a refund is requested or to avoid a financial obligation.

Room Fees and Meal Plans

  1. Refunded in full if notification of written cancellation is received by the University Housing Office by the full payment deadline.
  2. Refunded in full less a service charge of twenty-five dollars ($25) each for housing rental and meal plan and if a written cancellation is received between the full payment deadline and eight (8) days prior to hall opening.
  3. Eighty percent (80%) room refund if written cancellation is received between eight (8) days of hall opening and within the first fourteen (14) days after hall opening.
  4. No refund after fourteen (14) days of hall opening. A resident will receive a refund only if he/she is replaced. Refund shall be equal to the pro rata amount paid by the incoming replacement. Replacement will be done on a first out first in basis.
  5. No refund to students who are evicted from the residence halls for cause.
  6. Students who have accepted a housing assignment but do not physically check into the hall will be considered a “no show”. University Housing will cancel Housing assignment fourteen (14) days after official hall opening and assess a 20% charge of full cost of room and meals (if applicable).
  7. The Housing Space reservation fee is non-refundable.