University Housing

Information for Incoming Residents

Suggested Shopping List for Future UH Hilo Residents

  1. Mini-fridge
    1. Heads up: you can always use the community refrigerator to store your food!
    2. Housing does have a rental program, where you can rent out a mini fridge for each semester. This option is affordable and minimizes the amount you need to store at the end of the academic year!
  2. Microwave
    1. Heads up: Community microwaves are available in each Hall. Ask your front office for more information on the kitchen appliances, supplies, and cookware we already have for residents to use in the community kitchens!
  3. Basic utensils
    1. 1 bowl, 1 plate, a utensil set, and cup is more than enough!
    2. The dining hall has a take out option. You really do not need a lot of dishware. Just an appetite!
  4. Bedding
    1. All our dorm beds require Twin XL sized sheets
    2. Don’t forget your linens and a comfortable pillow!
  5. Toiletries
    1. Shampoo, Conditioner, Soap, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, toilet paper
    2. Heads up: Toilet paper provided in Traditional Style Dorms Community bathrooms (Hale Kanilehua and Hale Kauanoe)
  6. Fan
    1. Sometimes it is rainy and sometimes it is sunny in our beautiful Hilo! A fan is always great no matter what the weather.
    2. Heads up: Window fans provided in Hale ‘Alahonua and LLC rooms
  7. Shower slippers
    1. Rubber slippers do the trick!
  8. Snacks
    1. Never hurts to have a nice supply of snacks, especially snacks that you can only get from your home. Don’t forget: Sharing is Caring!
  9. Command hooks
    1. Heads up: You are not allowed to use push pins, tacks, nails, or screws to hang up any decor or other items in your room. We recommend command hooks.
    2. However, command hooks are not allowed in Alahonua to prevent damage to the walls! If you want to hang up your favorite poster or pictures, we recommend painters tape.
  10. Laundry basket and Laundry soap
    1. There are laundry rooms in each hall.
    2. Heads up: Liquid Detergent Only - No powders or pods. Our washer’s and dryers are water and energy efficient. Liquid soap and a credit card/debit card and you are ready to start your first laundry load in college!
      It’s the little things…
  11. Umbrella
    1. This is a Must. Hilo is famous for it’s beautiful and unpredictable rain. Be prepared!
  12. Hangers
    1. We provide 20 hangers within room. Perhaps this is one less thing you need to purchase!
  13. Flashlight
    1. For adventures, a small flashlight is a good investment, but not needed.
    2. Heads up:In case of an emergency, our Housing staff is trained to provide services and assistance as needed.
  14. Text Books
    1. While you will definitely need to purchase the reading materials for your classes, a lot of our students donated their old textbooks at the end of the semester to “pay it forward”. Whether you are a Marine Science, Psychology, or Philosophy major, we may have the book you need.
    2. We have an open library of old textbooks that our residents can use to provide resources and minimize the cost to you. Check it out after you settle in your hall!
  15. Bike
    1. Our campus is on a hill, so if you are up for some major cardio, a bike is great! We have bike racks at all halls. Students are fully responsible for their property and securing their bikes to prevent any tampering or theft.
    2. We have a great public transportation system. Take a look at the Hele On Bus Schedules to see all the places you can go!
  16. Cleaning and Moving Supplies
    1. Our offices are stocked with basic cleaning supplies that are available for all residents to use. Here’s what we have:
      • Mops, brooms, dustpans
      • Basic Vacuums
      • Tile Cleaner, Disinfectant Spray Cleaners, Clorox Wipes (as supplies last)
      • Swiffers (you will need to purchase your own wipes)
      • Insect repellent
    2. We have hand trucks, carts, and helpful ResLife staff that are available to residents during our busy move in to help transport items to your room. We also sell moving boxes as of the semester and provide a free storage service for returning residents (2 Large, 2 Medium boxes - as space permits).
  17. Computer and Printer
    1. We have two Mac Computer Labs and printing services for all of our residents to use. One is in Hale Kauanoe Lounge and one is in Hale Kanilehua Lounge. We also have PC computers available for use in the Hale ‘Alahonua study rooms. These resources are available for use when our lounges are open.
    2. The library is another great resource that provides both computer access and printing resources. All printing requires a small fee for use.

Common Questions Our Housing Staff receives:

  1. Can Housing automatically deduct from my financial aid when it is finally dispersed?
    1. It is possible, but you will need to respond to the billing statement. A Financial Aid Worksheet will be done by UH Hilo Housing to determine if your aid will cover the cost and our Housing Office can help explain your next steps!
    2. It is important to note that your Financial Aid will first cover your tuition cost and then housing cost.
  2. What happens if something is damaged and it wasn’t my fault, but the damage is on my side of the room?
    1. The Resident Assistant (RA) or who ever checked the room would have noted it on the inventory sheets. Within 2 weeks of arrival your RA will go over the damages in the room and you will sign the inventory sheet. Resident is responsible for any and all damages that are not noted on the inventory sheet at the time of checkout.
  3. Is there transportation available?
    1. New Student Program (NSP) provides weekly store shuttles to Target, Walmart and Safeway
    2. Shared taxi program is a cheap way to take a taxi. Coupons are only $2 and 1 coupon is good up to 4.0 miles then from 4-9 an additional one will be needed
    3. Bus picks up right outside of the UH Hilo bookstore and drives down to the mall and also to downtown Hilo.
    4. Uber
  4. Can I request a roommate?
    1. Yes, you can request a roommate and this should happen during the application process for Housing. This is only a request and not a guarantee so you should know it may or may not be fulfilled. For more information contact the UH Hilo Housing Office
      (808) 932-7403
  5. Where can I use my meal plan?
    1. Meal plan can be used at Hale Kehau dining hall for lunch and dinner Monday-Friday and then for brunch and dinner Saturday and Sunday.
  6. What are flex points?
    1. It is cash that is on top of your ID. This cash can be used at any of the Sodexo run plans like
      • Campus center dining room
      • Hale Kehau dining room ( if paying for a guest or ran out of meal plan)
      • Da Cube
      • Deja Brew Coffee
      • Munchies (located outside of Hale Kehau dining room)
  7. Can I barbecue outside my dorm?
    1. If a resident wants to they need to have consent from the Resident Manager (RM) and be 20ft away from the building and sidewalks
  8. What is there to do at night?
    1. Rent out equipment from the office
      • Pool
      • Ping pong
      • Board games
      • TV remote
  9. Where do I wash my clothes?
    1. On campus, clothes can be washed in each dorm:
      • Hale Ikena behind the lounge
      • Hale Kehau on the first floor by the mailboxes
      • Hale Kauanoe inside of B and C wing right by the study room and across the bulletin board
      • Hale Kanilehua first floor of Waena Wing
      • Hale Alahonua between B wing and C wing in the lounge area
    2. Machines only take DEBIT or CREDIT card.
    3. NO pods or powders
  10. May I have a pet?
    1. A freshwater fish is allowed, but the tank may not exceed 10 gallons.
    2. The only other pets allowed in the dorms are service animals, but you must notify Disability Services first before bringing s/he into the dorms
      UH Hilo Disability Services
      Student Services Center, Room E- 230
      (808) 932-7623
  11. How do I access the Wifi?
    1. The login is your UH username and password
    2. allows you to register your device for up to 1 year so that you do not need to sign in every time to access the wifi.
  12. When is the dining hall open?
    1. The dining hall is open for lunch Monday thru Friday from 10:45am-1:00pm and dinner from 5-8pm. Saturday and Sunday there's brunch from 10:45am - 12:00pm and dinner on Saturday from 5-6:30pm and Sunday from 5-7:00pm.
  13. How does on-campus mail work?
    1. When getting mail if the item you are receiving is too big for the mailbox the mail clerks will write a yellow slip and put it into your box
      When you get the slip you will need your ID and then proceed to Hale Ikena office where you will be able to receive your package.
  14. How does parking in the dorms work?
    1. A parking permit must be purchased from the Parking Office located at Auxiliary Services Building (AUX), Room 101. Housing parking is available to dormitory residents. Housing Lots are located on the Main Campus and require a green parking permit. Permits are only sold by the semester; cost is $35. For more information contact the Parking Office at (808) 932-7001.

What are Living Learning Communities?

A Living Learning Community (LLC) is where first year students with a shared interest live together in their community in either Hale Kanilehua or Hale Kehau and they take a shared class together. The UNIV 101 Paths to Acad/Lifelong Success (1) course is Mandatory for all residents to participate and reside in the LLC communities.

The 6 LLCs are: Business, Creative Arts, Environmental Sustainability, Hawaiian Culture & Language, Health & Wellness, and Natural Science.

Each community has a faculty mentor, who will instruct one of their courses each semester as well as engage with students outside of the class.

These communities are all designed to support the academic success of our students, help students make friends, and ultimately graduate and become a successful member of the global community. The Living Learning Community program is an outstanding way in which the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo is supporting the success of our newest students.

Things to consider:

  1. You will be sharing a space with someone else. (Everything that you want to bring might not fit in the space!
  2. Don’t bring your valuable or irreplaceable personal items unless absolutely necessary. However, if you plan to work on campus, you will need proper identification documents to successfully apply!
  3. Anything shipped to yourself should be clearly labeled with your legal first and last name to ensure that you it gets to you!
  4. Remember that in Hawaiʻi, we do not have next day shipping from off the Island. Things may take longer to arrive then guaranteed by the postal services or air freight companies.
  5. We have stairs and elevators in most halls. Be aware, you may need to carry your things up a few flights stairs. Pack accordingly!
  6. Please pay close attention the size and wattage items of your electronic items. Our Housing Policies are online to review prior to coming to our Hilo campus. You should not bring prohibited items. You will not be permitted to keep them for safety reasons.
  7. Macy’s, Ross, Office Max, Sears, Target, Old Navy, and Wal-Mart have most things that you might need or forgot to pack.

Limited and Prohibited Items

Items with size and wattage limits

  • Refrigerators - 2.9 cu ft.
  • Small Microwaves - .8 cu ft, 800 watts

Prohibited Items

University Housing wants you to be comfortable and safe in your on-campus home, so some items are not permitted. Please see below:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Animals (pets)
  • Candles, incense, lava lamps, potpourri pots
  • Decorative alcoholic beverage containers
  • Devices that encourage the rapid consumption of alcohol
  • Drugs controlled substance and paraphernalia
  • Gasoline cans and petroleum based items
  • Halogen lamps and lamps with exposed light bulbs
  • Hot plates and items with exposed heating elements
  • Hot tubs and pools
  • Personal beds or furniture
  • Space heaters
  • Sporting equipment such as martial arts weapons, spear guns, knives, machetes, swords and bows (even those intended for decorations)
  • Toaster ovens and other electrical cooking appliances (exception for Apartments in Hale ‘Ikena rooms)
  • Weapons, firearms ammunition and explosives
  • Wireless Routers

Rental and Meal Plan Payment FAQ

  • I have Financial Aid, but I don’t get it till school starts. Do I have to pay everything now?
    • Provided that you have "Sufficient Financial Aid", please send us a copy of your award letter with your 20% deposit for your Housing and Meal Plan (meal plan optional for Hale Ikena residents) to hold your space.
  • What does Sufficient Financial Aid mean?
    • Sufficient Financial Aid means that you have enough Aid (Grants, Scholarship, Loans) to cover all of your Tuition, Fees, Housing, and Meal Plan. Work Study is not considered.
  • What happens if I don’t have sufficient Financial Aid? How do I pay?
    • There are 4 options to consider.
      1. Students can calculate their balance not covered by Financial Aid and pay the difference
      2. Students can sign up for the Installment Payment Plan.
      3. Students can use both Financial Aid and sign up for the Installment Payment Plan.
      4. Students can make the required 20% payment and pay balance by 8/11/2013.
        Please be sure to communicate your intentions on what option you are selecting to our office. Requests must be made in writing before designated housing payment deadlines.
  • How do I sign up for the Installment Payment Plan?
  • Can I sign up for the Deferred Payment Plan if I don’t have financial aid?
    • Yes, all accepted students can take part in this plan.
  • Can I make up my own payment plan with Housing.
  • Additional Information
    • There are many financial challenges in attending college. By communicating these problems to our office, we may be able to help. Please feel free to contact the Student Housing Office for assistance. Without any information or contact, spaces may be cancelled.