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Registration Information

Registration Begins April 3, 2017 8:00am HST on MyUH Portal

Registration Eligibility

Current UH Hilo students can simply log into My UH and register for summer classes.

Students enrolled at other University of Hawaiʻi Campuses, high school students, and the general public must complete an application and be admitted at UH Hilo before registering for classes. There is no application fee for the Summer Session.

See more information on who needs to apply.

Class Availability

View the class availability.

To Register

Go to My UH and log in using your UH user name and password.

Starting in Summer 2017 all students will be using the new STAR GPS Registration System. A video tutorial is available here.

*Contact CCECS if My UH displays "Registration Errors" or you have any difficulties enrolling in your summer classes. Phone: (808) 932-7830. Email:

Registration Assistance

For assistance with your UH user name, password, or logging into My UH: visit the ITS website, email the help desk at, or call 1-800-558-2669.

All of UH Hilo's online courses are taught through Laulima. Technical issues are not an excuse for missing assignments. Contact the Laulima office if you have any questions or difficulties with Laulima. Request support online by going to the Laulima Portal and click on 'Request Assistance' on the left hand side of the page.

For information on the admissions process or your summer application, contact the Admissions Office at or call (808) 932-7446 or 1-800-897-4456.

For all other issues, questions, and comments on applying to summer session or registering for classes, please contact CCECS at (808) 932-7830.

Additional Registration Information

Cancelled Classes
Credit Load
Credit/No Credit
Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course
Financial Obligations
High School Students
Registration and Payment
Transfer Credits
Placement Exams
Writing Intensive (WI) Courses


Auditors are persons who are permitted to attend classes with the instructor’s consent and who have paid tuition for this privilege. The extent of their classroom participation is determined by the instructor. No credit is given for a course which is audited. Auditors must wait until the first day of instruction to register, on a space available basis, and must submit the “Auditor’s Form” provided by the Office of the Registrar or online at Office of the Registrar forms. Auditors must present the form in person to the Registrar’s office for manual processing.

Cancelled Classes
The University's ability to offer the courses listed in the catalog depends on sufficient enrollment. Courses which do not have enough students enrolled will be cancelled by the date stated in the Academic Calendar. Students can verify updated class information by checking their schedule on My UH. Students enrolled in cancelled classes will also be notified via their UH email. If your class is cancelled, you may select an alternate course. If no other course is selected, refunds will be processed in approximately six weeks. To sign up for a direct deposit refund go to eRefund and follow the instructions.

Credit Load: Due to the highly accelerated pace of summer classes, registration is capped at twelve (12) credits. Students may enroll in additional courses with the permission of the dean of their college. Unclassified students can apply for approval from the Dean of CCECS.
Student Overload Forms for:
College of Agriculture, Forestry & Natural Resource Management
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Business and Economics

Credit/No-Credit Option (CR/NC)
Students, provided that they are not on academic probation, may exercise their option to take a maximum of two (2) courses per semester on a “credit/no credit” basis. Courses completed under the CR/NC option may not be used to satisfy the requirements for a major, minor, or certificate, and no more than 12 semester hours in such courses may be counted toward the requirements for a degree. However, this exclusion does not apply to courses that are offered only on a CR/NC basis; these may be counted toward the requirements for a major, minor, or certificate and toward the requirements for a degree.

Once the CR/NC option has been exercised for a course, the designation may not be removed. To qualify for “credit,” the work of the student must be at least at the “C-” (1.7) level. To exercise this option, students must submit the Credit/No Credit form to the Office of the Registrar by the deadline indicated in the Academic Calendar.

Dropping or Withdrawing from a Course:
Students are responsible for reviewing the Academic Calendar and meeting all deadlines for drops, withdrawals, and refunds. Not attending registered classes or discontinuing participation without officially dropping the course may result in an "F" or "NC" grade on student transcripts. Dropping summer classes before the start date will avoid financial and academic penalties.

After the "last day to withdraw", NO withdrawals are permitted except under unusual or extenuating circumstances beyond your control. Contact your college for appeal instructions; unclassified students and visiting students need to contact CCECS at 808-932-7830.

Students receiving financial aid must notify the Financial Aid Office when dropping or withdrawing from summer courses.

Financial Obligations
Students who have not satisfactorily adjusted their financial obligations (tuition and fees, traffic violations, library fines, locker fees, laboratory breakage charges, transcript fees, loans past due, rental payments etc.) may be denied transcripts, diplomas, and registration. A copy of the "Rules and Regulations Governing Delinquent Financial Obligations Owed the University of Hawaiʻi", issued by the Board of Regents, is on file at the Business Office and online.

High School Students:
High school students may enroll in summer classes through the Running Start or Early Admission Programs.

Running Start has approved UH courses established by the Department of Education which will also apply towards high school graduation. Since they are UH courses, they will also apply towards a degree at UH Hilo.

Early Admission allows students to take any course at UH Hilo as long as they have met the placement or prerequisite requirements for the course. These classes count towards a degree at UH Hilo but do not apply towards high school graduation.

Click here to view more application information for high school students.

Registration and Payment: It is the student's responsibility to confirm that enrollment and payment for summer session classes is complete prior to the first day of classes. Check for changes in your class schedule and format. Students who enroll in summer classes and do not pay their tuition and fees in a timely manner may be placed on a Financial Obligation Hold. Students with outstanding Financial Obligations to the university will not be able to register for classes.

Transfer Credits: Summer Session students who are enrolled at another institution during the regular academic year are encouraged to secure advance approval from your home institution. UH Hilo is a fully accredited university, but decisions on transferability of coursework is at the discretion of the receiving institution.

Placement Exams:
Students intending to take certain math and writing courses.
The math placement test can be taken online at anytime or in person. Visit the math placement exam web page for more information.

Students intending to take a writing or English course must take the placement exam unless the student already possesses a SAT score of 475 or better in the writing portion. Times and dates for the writing exam are available on the writing placement exam web page

Writing Intensive (WI) Courses: Writing intensive courses are designed to integrate discipline-specific content with a major emphasis on writing. A "WI" preceding the course title in the course list designates writing intensive courses. More information on these courses can be found on the Writing Intensive Course web page