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Tuition, Fees, and Payment Information

Summer 2018 Tuition & Fee Rates

Tuition Per Credit
Undergraduate - Resident $300
Undergraduate - Non-Resident $435
Western Undergraduate Exchange/Pacific Islanders $367.501
Graduate - Resident $479
Graduate - Non-Resident $631
Graduate Nursing - resident $781
Graduate Nursing - Non-Resident $1,558
Fees Flat Rate
Student Life Center $35
Lab and Other Fees Varies

Summer Fees

Lab and Other Fees :Courses with concurrent labs, field work, or activities outside of the regular lecture usually include a fee in addition to the tuition price. Please refer to the course descriptions for information.

Student Fees
A $35 Student Life Center Fee is assessed to all students enrolling in credit courses.
College Administrative Fee
Some courses are not billed based on tuition per credit, these courses have a $150 (1/2 of the resident undergraduate credit rate) per course Administrative Fee. This fee is non-transferable and non-refundable.

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Payment Options

Payment is due the day you register. Verify the amount you owe through MyUH. Your amount due will appear in your account summary. Delays in payment may result in students being dropped from summer classes.

Payments can be made by:

  • MyUH Online: Pay by MasterCard, VISA, or any credit card accepted by the Discover Network ( Discover, Diners, and JCB) pinless debit card or web check (checking or savings account).
  • Registered students may sign up for an installment payment plan for the fall and spring terms. Log on to MyUH for more details. The payment plan is not available during the summer terms.
  • Mail: Make checks payable to "University of Hawai╩╗i at Hilo".
    • Mail to:
    • UH Hilo Cashier's Office
      200 W. K─üwili St.
      Hilo, HI 96720
    • Mail payments must be received by the appropriate payment deadline. You should allow a minimum of 5 days for delivery prior to the deadline.
    • Do not use Campus Mail.
    • To ensure proper crediting to your account, write your UH number on the bottom left corner of the check.
  • In Person: Pay by cash, check, money order, or cashier's check at any campus business office.
  • Parents and Other Authorized Users: If you have been set up as an Authorized User, you may logon to the Authorized User site with your email address and password provided to you.
  • EFT: The University of Hawai╩╗i does not accept wire transfers or e-mail payments from individual students.

Cashier's Office:
Visit the Cashier's Office web page for more information. A statement will not be mailed to you.

Financial Liability Policy

Enrollment at the University of Hawai╩╗i signifies consent to, and acceptance of, all policies and procedures governing enrollment, including financial liability. Students who fail to remit payment when due, agree to pay the University of Hawai╩╗i all reasonable costs for collection, including collection agency, attorney's, and court fees.

Remember: If we do not receive your payment, a financial obligation "hold" may be placed on your student record. If you no longer wish to be registered, please drop the course(s) before the end of the 100% refund period to avoid financial or academic penalties

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Financial Support

Attention: Students Receiving Pell Grants

The US Department of Education has re-instated Year-Round Pell Grants. Year-Round Pell Grants allow students to receive additional Pell Grant beginning Summer 2018. Year-round Pell allows students to receive up to 150 percent of a regular grant award over the course of the academic year so that they can continue taking classes in the summer and finish their degrees faster than they would otherwise. Students must still meet all the eligibility requirements. For more information contact the Financial Aid Office.

Financial Aid for Current UH Hilo Students

Current UH Hilo students who received financial aid in the spring semester may be considered for financial aid from UH Hilo in the summer. Students wishing to attend summer session using financial aid must complete a summer financial aid application. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Financial Aid for Summer Sessions Visiting Students

Financial Aid for Visiting Summer Session Students is handled by the student's home institution. Contact the Financial Aid Office at your university or college before registering for classes at UH Hilo.

Veteran Administration (VA) Benefits

If you are a veteran seeking VA educational benefits (including certification) consult the VA Regional Office or the Campus VA representative at (808) 932-7634, visit the veterans website before registering for courses. Not all courses offered during the UH Hilo Summer Session are recognized for educational benefits by the VA.

Tuition Waivers for Faculty and Staff

Regular and temporary employees who are designated at 0.5 FTE or more are eligible for tuition waivers. Tuition may be waived for up to six (6) credits.

Eligible faculty or staff using the waiver are responsible for a $150 (1/2 of one undergraduate, resident credit) non-refundable administrative fee for each course. This waiver does not apply to Directed Studies courses or Study Abroad programs.

Forms are available on the Human Resources web page.

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  1. For Summer 2018, the Board of Regents has approved a special rate for the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) and for Pacific Island students. The rate is $367.50 per credit. ↩︎