Environmental Health & Safety Office

Radiation Safety

The University's Radiation Safety Program was established to ensure that the use of radioisotopes at its facilities is done safely and in accordance with Federal and State requirements.

Ratiation Hazard symbol

Some of the services provided by this program include the following:

  • Ensure that employees receive training programs on general and specific safety and health practices necessary for radioisotope handling.
  • Provide accurate inventory tracking of radioisotopes in use, in waste, and in storage.
  • Provide calibration of Geiger-Mueller detectors used for contamination surveys.
  • Maintains exposure records for radiation workers and provides radiation dosimeters required by the regulations.
  • Maintains records on training, inspections, and surveys as required by NRC.
  • Provides leak testing for all sealed sources.
  • Provides radioactive waste disposal.

The Radiation Safety Program is administered through the UH Mānoa EHSO. Please see the Radiation Safety page for program information.