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Korean Chuseok Celebration

By Sungeun Oh | International Exchange Student: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Chuseok means Thanksgiving in Korea. The Chinese character “Night of Autumn” means August 15th by the lunar calendar. At this time, most of the full moon rises, and people worship their ancestors to thank them for the harvest of the year. Today, many families spend less time together than before, but Chuseok is still one of the biggest holidays in Korea.

The Chuseok is one of the most meaningful holidays for me. This is because all my family members spend time together and make traditional Korean food. And we went on a family trip. This year, I couldn’t spend Chuseok with my family because I was in Hawaii, but I was able to experience a new Chuseok through the Chuseok event.

Teacher During Event

Boxes of Mochi