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Lyman Museum

By Daliedmarie Delgado Maisonet | National Student Exchange: University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez

As part of the Kawili Kine Cultures’ events, I participated in the Lyman Museum and Mission House trip. As a national exchange student, it was my first immersion into the Hawaiian culture, history, and language. The tour around the museum included a brief geological history of the islands, a description of the Hawaiian fauna and flora, and a detailed history of Hawai‘i. I found that learning those details and information was very helpful and valuable during my exchange. The tour gave me a broader perspective of the place I was going to stay for the next months.

The history of the Lyman missionaries in Hilo and the tour around the Mission house was another remarkable experience. The guided tour included a detailed history of the house and the Lyman family, as well as a brief description of the parts of the house. Having the opportunity to learn about the missionaries and the Hawaiian history through this Kawili Kine Cultures’ event was important for my stay in Hawai‘i as an exchange student. It gave me the necessary tools and knowledge to live my exchange with a sense of respect and admiration for the people, the places, and the culture surrounding me.

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