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Panorama 2021-2022: Kawili Kine Cultures

Kāwili Kine CulturesKāwili Kine Cultures

An interdepartmental program, Kawili Kine Cultures places students out into the community and environment to physically work and play while highlighting the indigenous culture and diverse ethnic hertiage of Hawaiʻi Island.

Table of Contents

The Sugar of Kaʻu



Story by Teagan Maher

Kilauea Caldera Trip

An Up-Close Look on Navigation in Hawaiʻi

Bees n' Trees

Stars in Hawaiʻi

Volcano Exploration

International Education Week

Huakaʻi to Seicho-no-ie

Botanical Gardens

Korean Chuseok Celebration

Small Kid Time: Life on a Plantation

Adze Quarry at Lake Waiau

Marine Life in Hawaiʻi

Paniolo Cowboy Rodeo

Huakaʻi to Wood Valley Temple

Lyman Museum

Zentangle Workshop

Indonesian Gamelan