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Paniolo Cowboy Rodeo

By Mekaila Pasco | Psychology Major

The Panaʻewa Stampede Rodeo was a three-day event consisting of paniolo (cowboys) who showcased their skills in roping, riding, and racing. There were many different competitions such as steer roping, bull riding, and barrel racing. Some of these competitions have partnerships or solo acts, with both keiki (children) and adults participating. The funniest moment of this event was when the rodeo clown got chased by the bull and it cornered him into the corral. Luckily, he had another rodeo clown who distracted the bull so that clown could get out safely. This event was very entertaining and safe with great food vendors.


Horseback Rider

Student with Horse

Fun fact: Double mugging and hula hoop bull are only found in Hawaiʻi