The Study Abroad Newsletter

Bees n' Trees

By Kathy Perez | Biology Major

The Bee-keeping Kawaili was a one of a kind event! All of the students that attended the event were able to handle bees and learn the art of bee-keeping! We also got a wonderful tour of the grounds. The tour included visiting the green house and we got a chance to see how hydroponics work and the maintenance of it as well. We also got to see the swine farm! They were so fun to see! One of the highlights of the agricultre farm was seeing the horses. The horses are always a fun sight to see! Although we did not get a chance to ride them, and they were a bit shy, we were able to wish them an awesome day!

Student Holding Smoker


Jake Rodrique was an awesome tour guide along with the rest of the CAFNRM staff! The bee event itself was composed of us gearing up in sting-proof suits that made us look like moon mans! After being suitied up, we were then able to go into the beehives! Seeing the bees working, and seeing them in their colony made me appreciate the art of creating honey! Thank you bees! #Savethebees