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Adze Quarry at Lake Waiau

By Nikolai Braedt | Biology Major

It was a cold, rainy day in Hilo. Getting up early was the last thing I wanted to do, however I’m not one to let an experience pass me by. The group heading up Mauna Kea loaded into the van and drove up the mountain to meet up with our professor of the day, Dr. Peter Mills. He began fully explaining the inner workings of what we were going to see today, and his excitement and fascination with the subject of ancient Hawaiian anthropology was enthralling and soon enough everyone was fully awake and excited to see what he was referring to.

We drove up Mauna Kea and were lucky enough to briefly experience light snow fall as Dr. Mills led us to areas rich with ancient history as he unveiled the artifacts that supported it. We discovered stone chippings from ancient adze tools and other evidence that revealed the true sacred quality of the mountain to the Hawaiian people. Getting to better understand the cultural significance of Mauna Kea to ancient Hawaiians with the aid of a knowledgeable teacher made for an unforgettable experience.

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Students with Mauna Loa in View

Dr. Peter Mills Showing Adz Artefacts