Division of Student Affairs (DSA)

Facility Use Policy

These guidelines represent the facility use policy for the University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo Student Services Center (SSC) under the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs (OVCSA), Division of Student Affairs (DSA).

Please direct inquiries regarding facility reservations, policies and guidelines to Facilities Coordinator, Chelsey Grant .


The rooms in the SSC are to be used for UH Hilo related purposes and only UH Hilo employees are allowed to submit reservation requests.

Priority Levels: 1. DSA Departments 2. Non-DSA Departments within the building 3. UH Hilo administrative offices 4. All other requests will be reviewed by the VCSA

Space/Room Number Capacity Availability Food/Drinks Allowed Available Technology*
W-201-Multipurpose 70 Sun-Sat, 7:45 am - 10 pm1 Yes S, N, WiFI, T, PC & P
E-214 12 M-F, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm No S, N, WiFI & T
E-216 6 M-F, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm No S, N, WiFI & T
E-219 6 M-F, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm No N, WiFI & T
W-310 8 M-F, 7:45 am - 4:30 pm No N, WiFI, T, & PC

Users are responsible for their own technology, A/V and media needs including providing equipment not on the list. The Facilities Coordinator may be able to provide technical support and/or training upon request. Please make arrangements for A/V technical support at least 48 hours in advance of a meeting or event.

Reservations (W-201, E-214, E-216, E-219, W-310)

Requests must be made at least 48 hours prior to an event to guarantee consideration. Requests are scheduled in the order received and in accordance with the priority guidelines. Reservations can be made nine months in advance of the event date. DSA members requesting facilities within 24 hours of the date needed must contact their respective cluster leaders to make the request to the Facilities Coordinator with a copy to the VCSA.

Reservations may be cancelled by the VCSA in the event the reserved room is needed. The Facilities Coordinator will notify the reserved party as soon as possible. If this should occur, attempts will be made to find or refer to other possible campus alternate meeting rooms.


  1. Check facility/room availability online.
  2. Complete Facilities Use Application Form (PDF).
  3. A confirmation email will usually be sent within 48 hours.
  4. Note: Rooms E-112 & E-218 are available through an informal reservation system. For information about room E-112, contact one of the following first floor directors, Sherrie Padilla or Chelsea Kay-Wong . For information about room E-218, contact Gayleen Roldan. Should there be a conflict in a room reservation, the two parties are asked to resolve the matter internally.

Facilities Doors/Keys

As appropriate, rooms E-214 and W-201 doors will be pre-programmed to open and close in accordance with the approved reservation. You can also request a Salto card key for the facility/room between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. on the day of the event from the Facilities Coordinator. The restrooms on the 2nd floor will also be pre-programmed to open and close in accordance with the approved reservation if the reservation is outside of normal business hour. It is expected that the Salto card key will be under the control of the user at all times. The Salto card key must be returned immediately after the event to the Facilities Coordinator. All other SSC meeting rooms will remain open during business hours.

Cancellations/No Show

Cancellations should be made 24 hours in advance by informing the Facilities Coordinator Chelsey Grant . In the event that a cancellation is needed in less than 24 hours a justification must be provided. An email will be sent to the reserving party to confirm cancellation. Cancellations may be subject to consequences as listed below.

Late cancellations or “no shows” may prohibit others from having equal access to the meeting rooms. A “no show” is when a user fails to be present at the requested time of the reservation. A user is subject to the consequences listed below if the Facilities Coordinator observes or becomes aware of a “no show.”

Users Responsibilities

  1. The user is responsible for all meeting/event arrangements including technology, equipment, or additional furnishing not in the room(s).
  2. The user is responsible for security, safety and maintenance of the facility/room and contents. This includes turning off lights and locking doors at the end of the meeting/event.
  3. No items shall be taped, tacked or fastened to the tables, walls, ceilings or floor of any rooms unless it is detailed and approved in the Facilities Use Application Form (PDF).
  4. The user is responsible for the behavior of their members and guests.
  5. Campus security should be called in the event of an emergency.
  6. The user is responsible to return the room to its original set-up at the end of the meeting/event.
  7. The user is responsible for removing all trash from the room/s and placed in or near trash receptacles located on that floor. Upon request, brooms, mops and additional trash bags are available from the Facilities Coordinator.
  8. Minors must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. This adult shall assume responsibility for the minor’s safety and welfare.
  9. The user understands that their unit, department, or program will be responsible for any loss or damages to the facility/room. The user may wish to schedule a facility/room check prior to and after the meeting/event with the Facilities Coordinator to avoid any inappropriate charges being assessed.
  10. Users shall abide by all statutes, ordinances and policies of the State, County, and University. Failure to observe such statutes, ordinances, and policies may result in the suspension of future facility use privileges.
  11. Food and drinks for meetings/events are allowed in designated rooms and areas of SSC.
    • Plans to have food and/or drinks must be included in request.
    • UH Hilo is an alcohol-free campus.

User Expectations and Consequences

The SSC meeting rooms should be considered a shared communal space for fair use by DSA and other professional members of our campus community. As such, all users are expected to know and abide by the facility use process and responsibilities prior to reserving the desired room(s). It is also desirable that the user attempt to independently resolve reservation issues in a civil and respectful manner. However, when the process or responsibilities are not followed, the following actions may be taken:

First violation: user will be issued an email warning.

Second violation: user may lose their privilege to use the facilities for up to a one year period.

  1. Early, late and weekend reservations require at least 48 hours notice for key activation and access coordination. ↩︎