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Reserve the Center

Student groups, faculty and staff may request to reserve the Center for meetings, speakers, workshops, film showings, performances and other special events. The event must be in some way related to the mission of the Center, which is to provide a space in which Pacific Islander students can gather, meet, and study, as well as for any others (students, faculty and staff) who have an interest in the region to use the facility as a way to learn about the region. Generally meetings and events must be held during hours that the Center is not open for student use, and is subject to staff availability.

To submit a request to reserve the Center, submit the online Facility Request Form. Before submitting a request, please read the Facility Use Policy.

Using the Center

All visitors to the Pacific Islander Student Center are expected to abide by the Center policies including the computer usage policies.


The following textbooks are available for students to borrow:

  1. ACC 201 Intro to Financial Accounting (3)
  2. BIOL 171 Introductory Biology I (3)
  3. BUS 240 Business Law (3)
  4. CHEM 161 General Chemistry I (3)
  5. CHEM 162 General Chemistry II (3)
  6. ECON 130 Intro To Microeconomics (3)
  7. ECON 131 Intro To Macroeconomics (3)
  8. ESL 061 Listening & Speaking, Int (4)
  9. ESL 063 Academic Reading, Intermediate (4)
  10. ESL 064 Academic Writing, Intermediate (4)
  11. ESL 071 Listening & Speaking, High Int (4)
  12. ESL 073 Academic Reading, High Int (4)
  13. ESL 074 Academic Writing, High Int (4)
  14. ESL 081 Listening & Speaking, Advanced (4)
  15. ESL 083 Academic Reading, Advanced (4)
  16. MARE 171 Marine Biology-Diversity (3)
  17. MATH 100 Survey Of Math (3)
  18. MATH 103 Intro to College Algebra (3)

All books are to be used at the Center and during the operational hours of the Center. To use a book, you must have a valid student ID and it must be signed out at the beginning and signed in after returning.


The Center has desktop and laptop computers for students to use at the Center. Both PCs and Mac computers are available. Printing is also available. To print, students must have a valid student ID. Students are limited to a maximum of 20 pages of free printing per week. See the Student Assistant on duty for help with computers or printing.

Desktop computers in the PISC Office

Students using laptop computers in the PISC Office


Books about the Pacific Islands are available for use at the Center or to borrow for a maximum of 2 weeks at a time. Please see the Student Assistant on duty for help.

bookshelf with reference books, under a map of the Pacific Ocean

bookshelf full or reference books, with a model of a sea turtle and a sailing canoe on top of it

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