Pacific Islander Student Center (PISC)

About Us

Ensuring our success

Sharing our cultures

Building our community

Renewing our spirit

Mission & Goals

Recognizing that under-represented students are sometimes marginalized on college campuses, the Pacific Islander Student Center at UH Hilo supports the goals, contributions and achievements of Pacific Islanders on campus.

The goals of the Center are to:

  • provide a welcoming, comfortable and supportive space
  • provide access to resources such as computers for students
  • offer a gathering place where students can meet to study, socialize and hold meetings
  • increase intercultural interaction and understanding among students from different parts of the Pacific, as well as from the rest of the world
  • enable students, faculty and staff from all cultural backgrounds to learn about Pacific peoples, histories, languages, cultures and contemporary issues
  • combat stereotypes and ethnocentrism and support social justice efforts in the pursuit of a more just society

Meet the Staff

The Center is overseen by Jim Mellon , Director of International Student Services, and led by a group of student leaders. Student Assistants are the front-line crew who welcome visitors and users and assist with organizing Center services and programs.

Dorian Salavea
Major: Accounting & Business Administration
Island: American Samoa

Elai Porter
Major: Psychology
Island: Pohnpei/Hawai'i

Amber Sky Skiwo
Major: Marine Science
Island: Palau