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About Us

Ensuring our success, sharing our cultures, building our community, renewing our spirit

Mission & Goals

Recognizing that under-represented students are sometimes marginalized on college campuses, the Pacific Islander Student Center at UH Hilo encourages and supports the goals, achievements and contributions of Pacific Islanders on campus.

The goals of the Center are to:

  • provide a welcoming, supportive and safe environment
  • provide access to resources such as computers for students
  • offer a gathering place where students can meet to study, socialize and hold meetings
  • increase interaction and dialogue among students from different cultures
  • support intercultural understanding and social justice in the pursuit of a more just society
  • enable students, faculty and staff from all cultural backgrounds to learn about Pacific peoples, histories, languages, cultures and contemporary issues
  • combat stereotypes and ethnocentrism

Meet the Staff

Professional Staff

Talaite Petrowski Talaite Petrowski
(808) 932-7795

Talaite oversees the Pacific Islander Student Center and coordinates Center programs and activities. At UH Hilo, Talaite previously coordinated AmeriCorps, service-learning, and campus and community service programs. She is a past recipient of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs award for excellence in service. A graduate of UH Hilo, she has also worked as a language and culture coordinator/trainer with the US Peace Corps, a language instructor at the University of the South Pacific, a Regional Supervisor with the Fiji Bureau of Statistics, and a family visitation program monitor with the Hawaii Island YMCA. She has lived and traveled extensively, including throughout the Pacific Islands, Egypt and Boston.


Student Assistants

The Student Assistants are the front-line support crew for the PISC serving as receptionists to provide hospitality to visitors and users and to help manage the Center's services and programs.

Jacob KomJacob Kom
Major: Business Administration
Island: Chuuk, FSM

Taeliza Perez
Major: Sociology
Island: Chuuk, FSM

Joe Anastacio
Major: Computer Science
Island: Palau

Mapo Kesi
Major: Communication & Sociology
Island: American Samoa

Ipolani Kebekol
Major: Accounting
Island: Palau

Pacific Students Media Team

The Pacific Students Media team aims to combat negative stereotypes of Pacific Islanders in the United States particularly in Hawai╩╗i through digital storytelling and other media. You can visit their blog (, their YouTube channel (, or Facebook page (

PISC Advisory Council

The PISC Advisory Council advises the Coordinator on the CenterÔÇÖs services, programs, and its capacity to support Pacific islanders succeed in higher education. It is representative of the uniqueness of the Pacific island groups, cultures, and needs at UH Hilo. Members include the presidents of the various Pacific Islands student organizations, members of the faculty and staff, partners in the local community, and Pacific Islander alumni.


  • liaising with student clubs, organizations, departments
  • networking with the community at-large regarding the programs and services of the Center
  • assessing the needs, trends and success of the Center's programs and services
  • conducting needs assessments of Pacific Islander students
  • advocating for the needs of the Pacific Islander students at UH Hilo

PISC ╩╗Ohana


A network of faculty, staff, and community leaders who support and promote the Pacific Islander Student Center's mission, services, and programs.


Members of this network will be invited to participate in any number of the following activities as time permits:

  • Welcome Reception: Reception during the fall semester to recognize and welcome new Pacific Islander students to UH Hilo.
  • Professional Mentoring: Serve as professional mentors for Pacific Islander students.
  • Pacific Speaker Series: Guest speakers from throughout the Pacific region who will talk about pertinent issues regarding the region.
  • Highly Engaged Learning Positions: Enabling Pacific islander students at UH Hilo to create meaningful internships or projects that impact their learning while fulfilling the needs of the Pacific islander community on campus, in Hawai╩╗i, or the region.


Friends of PISC is open to anyone who wishes to join our mailing list. To join please email Talaite M. Petrowski with the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Position
  • Organization / Department / Company
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website (if any)
  • Any questions, comments, or resources that you can offer for the Pacific island students at UH Hilo.