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Ensuring our success, sharing our cultures, building our commuity, renewing our spirit

The Center offers services and programs to facilitate the success of Pacific Islander students at UH Hilo. All UH Hilo students are welcome at the Center. We think you’ll discover a “home away from home” right here in the middle of the UH Hilo campus. Stop by any time. You’re welcome here and we’d love to see you!

A Gathering Place

The Center is set up to be a gathering place for Pacific Islander students to meet each other, study individually or in groups, use computers, or hold meetings and events. Students can use the Center's Mac and PC desktop and laptop computers. To help students relax in between classes, we have a television. The Center also has a collection of books and DVDs on Pacific-related topics, includes a kitchen (including refrigerator, stove and microwave),and a lanai with covered tables for group meetings or to eat your lunch. Please contact PISC if you wish to schedule a meeting or event at the Center.

Student Development & Support

Academic Success

The Center has extended hours to 7:00 pm Monday-Thursday nights specifically to enable students to have a place to study quietly individually or in groups. During final exams week, the Center also has extended hours into the late evening. The main Center is designated as a quiet zone, while the lobby area is reserved for study groups.

Resource & Referrals

The Center serves as a resource for Pacific Islander students and can refer students to appropriate resources on campus and in the community. Center staff also serve as a resource for faculty, staff and community members about Pacific Island-related topics, issues and concerns.

Campus Programming

Faculty / Staff Workshops

Workshops are offered periodically to assist faculty and staff with identifying and understanding Pacific Islander cultural values, and offer ideas and strategies for incorporating Pacific Islander ways of knowing and learning into the curriculum and pedagogical approaches.

Pacific Speaker Series

The Center sponsors a series of distinguished guest speakers from throughout the Pacific Islands who help educate, inform, and inspire the UH Hilo community on matters of importance to the region and its citizens.

Community Outreach

The Center can offer community-based learning opportunities that integrate service into the local community with leadership learning skills.

PacYES: Pacific Islander Youth Empowerment Day

PacYES is an event that brings Pacific Islander high school students and their families to the UH Hilo campus to motivate, inspire and inform them about higher education opportunities and resources and various careers. The event is designed to expose high school students to college student role models and encourage them to pursue higher education.

Community Partners

The Center invites Hawaiʻi-based non-profit organizations and public schools that serve Pacific Islander youth to partner with us to host student leaders in their schools or organization. We can work together with hosting agencies to design one-time or ongoing programs that empower Pacific Islander communities. These community service projects have the added benefit of not only developing students’ leadership and mentoring skills and making connections between classroom learning and outside-of-classroom learning that occurs through experiential education, but also impacting the success of future generations of individuals from the target population.

What's Your Story?

What's Your Story?A digital storytelling project to chronicle the stories of Pacific Islanders in Hawaiʻi. The video interviews and narratives are shared on the PISC YouTube channel for the general public. The goal is to educate the general public on the many positive ways that Pacific Islanders contribute to the community in Hawaiʻi. Students collaborate with community-based organizations and clubs to identify and commit the individuals to feature on the project. Read more on the Pacific Students Media website.