Pacific Islander Student Center (PISC)

Computer Use Policies

  1. Users must provide a valid UH ID, which will be held until laptop is returned.
  2. Laptops can only be used in Room 307 and cannot be taken out to the lanai, lobby or out of the Center.
  3. Priority is for school‐related purposes. Users may be asked to stop using a computer if they are not using it for such purposes.
  4. Eating & drinking is not permitted while using a desktop computer.
  5. Users must be careful if eating or drinking while using a laptop. Users are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement if any damage occurs due to eating or drinking or misuse.
  6. Users must provide their own paper to use the printer.
  7. Users may not save any files or documents on computer hard drives. Once you log off, the computer will automatically delete any files saved on the computer.
  8. Users must comply with University policies on responsible use of computers, including not downloading, uploading or sharing of music, videos, games, etc. for which a person does not have permission.