Pacific Islander Student Center (PISC)

PISC Policies and Procedures

  1. Mission
    The mission of the Center is to provide a space in which Pacific Islander students can gather, meet, and study, as well as for any others (students, faculty and staff) who have an interest in the region to use the facility as a way to learn about the region.
  2. Usage
    Any UH Hilo or Hawaiʻi CC student, faculty or staff member may use the facility. Community members may also visit the Center, particularly to attend events such as presentations, film showings, workshops, and seminars, but may not use the computers.
  3. Signing In
    All visitors must sign a log sheet when they enter the Center. Center staff reserves the right to ask individuals for UH identification.
  4. Computers
    Desktop and laptop computers are available to be used by students, faculty and staff. Center visitors may need to log on using their current UHHL account. Priority for computer usage is for school-related purposes, such as writing and researching papers, reading, and working on assignments. Students may be asked to stop using a computer if they are not using it for school-related purposes. All students must comply with University policies on responsible usage of computers on campus, including illegal downloading and file sharing (?).
  5. Laptop Computers
    All laptop computers belonging to the Center must be used in Room 307. Center visitors may not bring a Center laptop outside of the Center, including on the adjoining lanai. Students who wish to use a Center laptop are required to temporarily submit their UH ID card, which will be returned when the computer is returned. Students who refuse to do so will not be permitted to use a Center laptop.
  6. Printer
    Center visitors must supply their own paper in order to use the printer. printer.
  7. Respecting Others in a Shared, Community Space
    Center visitors must recognize and acknowledge that the Center is a shared, multi-purpose community space, and therefore respect the rights and privileges of others who are using the Center simultaneously. Conversations, discussions, and dialogue are welcome and encouraged, but should be kept at a level that is not distracting or disruptive to others. Center visitors engaged in lively, loud discussions should go out to the adjoining lanai so as not to disturb others who are inside Room 307.
  8. Television & Movies
    In order to create and sustain an environment conducive to learning and studying, it is critical that noise and loud talking be kept to a minimum. Center visitors may watch television or movies, but the volume must be kept to a level at which a person could reasonably concentrate on his/her schoolwork.
  9. Kitchen
    Using the kitchen facilities is intended for persons who are visiting the Center for the purposes of schoolwork or other activities such as attending a study group or a meeting. Since the kitchen is a community resource, persons who use the kitchen must keep the area clean and dispose of their trash properly in rubbish receptacles. Items may be stored in the refrigerator, but it will be cleaned out weekly every Friday (or the last working day before a holiday if a holiday falls on a Friday) and any items in the refrigerator at that time will be disposed of.
  10. Food and Drink
    Food and drink are permitted in the Center. In order to maintain a clean and orderly environment, however, Center visitors must clean up any spills and dispose of their trash properly in rubbish receptacles. Center visitors must be especially careful drinking and eating while using a computer, as a spill may damage it, requiring the person to compensate the University for the damage.
  11. Borrowing DVDs and Books
    Books and DVDs may be used in the Center, but not borrowed unless special permission is granted by Jim Mellon
  12. Lost or Damaged Center Items or Equipment
    Center visitors are expected to use Center items and equipment responsibly. Visitors will be responsible for compensating the University for any Center equipment that is lost or damaged.
  13. Lost or Missing Personal Items or Equipment
    Center visitors are expected to watch their personal belongings. The Center is not responsible for any personal items or equipment, such as handbags, MP3 players, laptop computers, that are lost or missing in the Center, including items left in the kitchen.
  14. Reserving the Center
    Registered Independent Student Organization (RISOs), faculty and staff may request to reserve the Center for an event, such as a presentation, film showing, meeting or workshop. Requestors need to complete and submit a Pacific Islander Student Center Facility & Equipment Request Form to seek and obtain approval. The event must be in some way related to the mission of the Center.
  15. Center Closures
    Occasionally the Center may be closed for a special event. The Center reserves the right to close the Center for such events or for unforeseen circumstances.
  16. Respect for Student Workers
    As one of the primary responsibilities of the students who work in the Center is to maintain order and ensure a welcoming space for all members of the University community, Center visitors must respect the directions of Center student workers. Failure to do so may result in a person not being permitted to visit the Center.
  17. Compliance with Policies and Procedures
    All Center visitors are expected to comply with Center policies and procedures. The Center reserves the right to disallow a person to continue using the Center if he/she does not comply with Center and/or University policies and procedures.