Earth Day Fair

Lā Honua ~ Earth Month 2022

In 2022 Lā Honua Earth Day will be celebrated all month long! Lā Honua + Malama Honua ~ Earth Day + Earth Month will take place in April, which coincides with the Hawaiʻi Lunar Month of Welo.





On this page, you will find important information about attending our celebrations for our Hawaiʻi CC and UH Hilo campus kauhale and K-12 learners and their ‘ohana. Registration is required for virtual and in-person huakaʻi events. Scroll down to read about your events and then view our schedules to see the types of events planned for our 2022 Lā Honua Earth Month Celebration!

Hawaiʻi CC & UH Hilo Kauhale

The Lā Honua Earth Day Committee welcomes students, staff and faculty from Hawaiʻi Community College and University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo to join us in celebrating Lā Honua ~ Earth Day with events throughout the month of April, the Hawaiʻi lunar month of Welo.

Kauhale Theme: Wānana i ka Mauliola

Our Theme this year is Wānana i ka Mauliola, which references our collective ability to project and therefore manifest a thriving and healthy Honua, Earth. Wānana is to foresee and foretell, and embedded within Mauliola are deep colors in our environment, the state of thriving, and of life and well-being. In the Hawaiʻi context, wānana is intentional and includes working towards an objective. In the Kaʻao model, Hiʻiaka foretold what the outcome would be for particular obstacles, and then she worked towards accomplishing it. Mahalo to Noʻel Tagab-Cruz, Coordinator of the Hawaiʻi Life Styles Program at Hawaiʻi Community College, for our Theme.

Events Throughout the Month of April

Virtual and In-Person

Activities and events will take place virtually and in-person, from April 1 to April 30. While some events are geared towards our Hawaiʻi CC and UH Hilo kauhale - students, staff and faculty, many events focus on our K-12 learners and their ʻohana.

Types of Events

This year we offer a virtual kīpaepae, and keynote presentations from people across Oceania involved in indigenous rights, environmental and marine protection, and connections to our environment through indigenous art.

We offer virtual panels featuring our alumni sharing their stories doing aloha ʻāina work, cultural practitioners on sustainability, Pacific Islander students on the effects of climate change, kumu hula on environmental kinship, and more.

We offer virtual presentations on re-imagining invasive species, fostering local activism, microplastics in Hilo Bay, environmental advocacy in the legislative process, water issues at Kapūkakī ~ Red Hill on Oʻahu, and much more.

We partner with the UH Hilo TCBES Program to offer virtual keynotes by Dr. Manu Aluli Meyer and Lokelani Brandt.

We offer huakaʻi ~ excursions on Fridays and Saturdays to places across Hawaiʻi Island for malama ʻāina opportunities.

K - 12 Learners & ‘Ohana

Hawaiʻi-CC and UH Hilo have a long-standing tradition of celebrating Lā Honua with K-12 students, too. This year, we are offering six huakaʻi, a virtual symposium made up of 12 sessions, and school garden work days at six different Hawai'i Island schools.

  • Check out the Huakaʻi Flyer for information and links to sign up.
    • Hawaiʻi Island students, grades K-12, and their families, are invited to join us and our partner organizations on huakaʻi (trips, journeys) across the island. Students and ʻohana will have opportunities to mālama ʻāina and learn moʻolelo from the places they are serving.
  • Check out the Virtual Symposiums Flyer for information and links to sign up.
  • Check out the Lā Honua Earth Month School Garden Work Days registration form for more information and to sign up.

If you have any questions, please email or contact Charlotte Cheek at and Kaʻea Lyons at