Department of Languages


The Department of Languages offers instruction in Chinese, Filipino (Tagalog), Japanese, Korean, and Spanish, as well as related courses in literature, culture, and language studies. Each program is comprehensive in approach, developing the functions of speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing and enhancing knowledge of the target area’s culture, history, society and the people.

The Department’s course offerings in languages can be found under the following course prefixes:

Hawaiian Language courses offered by Ka Haka ʻUla O Keʻelikōlani College of Hawaiian Language are listed under HAW and KHAW in the Catalog.

Faculty and Staff Teaching CHNS Courses

Jiren Feng

Associate Professor, Chinese Studies; Program Coordinator, Chinese Studies Certificate

(808) 932-7232

(808) 932-7214

Kanakaʻole Hall, room 231

Faculty and Staff Teaching FIL Courses

Rodney C. Jubilado

Associate Professor, Department of Languages; Coordinator, Filipino Studies Program

(808) 932-7209

(808) 932-7214

Kanakaʻole Hall, room 209 & 214B

Faculty and Staff Teaching JPNS Courses

(808) 932-7213

(808) 932-7214

Kanakaʻole Hall, room 213

Masafumi “Masa” Honda

Associate Professor; Coordinator, Japanese Studies

(808) 932-7426

(808) 932-7214

Kanakaʻole Hall, room 223

(808) 932-7477

(808) 932-7214

Kanakaʻole Hall, room 254

Faculty and Staff Teaching SPAN Courses

(808) 932-7238

Kanakaʻole Hall, room 242

(808) 932-7617

(808) 932-7214

Kanakaʻole Hall, room 236

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