Graduate Student Handbook

Continuous Registration

All students admitted to a degree-granting program must maintain continuous registration each semester for at least one credit hour. Even students pursuing research or work opportunities off campus must register if they intend on completing their degrees. The purpose of the continuous registration policy is to ensure that students and programs remain in contact and that steady progress is made each semester towards completion of the degree.

Students who do not register and who have not been granted a leave of absence (see below) will be removed from their graduate programs. In order to return to their programs, students must reapply for admission and include in their application an explanation for the absence from the program. Readmission is not guaranteed and students may be subject to changes in the degree or additional requirements deemed necessary by the program and graduate council. In addition, if students are readmitted, they will be required to pay an additional one credit of tuition for each semester not continuously registered for up to three semesters.

Students do not need to be enrolled during the summer session unless final degree requirements are to be completed during this period.

Students must be registered during the semester when the degree is granted.